‘Worst Deal Since World War I’: Paul Keating Furious Over AUKUS Deal

Paul Keating delivered a sensational speech following the signing of the landmark AUKUS agreement, denouncing some of the country’s most senior journalists and Penny Wong.

The former prime minister has relentlessly hit back at reporters who questioned his vocal criticism of the multi-billion dollar nuclear submarine deal.

“You haven’t been briefed on this issue since the mid-1990s. Have you been contacted on this issue?”

“Sometimes I think, ‘Because I’m smart. And I can read. And I read every day,'” he replied of the facts.

“What does it mean for China to try to occupy Sydney and Melbourne? Militarily? And can they do it?

“I don’t need a briefing from the stupid security services in Canberra to tell you that. I mean, I know you’re going to ask the question, but the question is so silly that it’s not worth answering.” Hardly.”

Keating has been a staunch opponent of the AUKUS agreement since it was announced by the former Morrison government in 2021, claiming it undermines Australia’s sovereignty.

The former Labor Party leader has argued through his flashy looks that Australia does not need submarines because China is not a threat.

He accused a Nine Newspapers reporter of publishing a special report “Red Alert” that included an assessment that Australia could be at war with China within three years.

“Frankly, I am amazed that you even have the courage to stand up in public and ask such a question,” said the former Labor leader.

“You should do the right thing and knock yourself out of Australian journalism.

“I mean, it’s the most vicious, the worst, the most prejudiced expression… I mean, if I were you, I’d hide my face and never show up again.”

His answer was in response to a question about the treatment of Uyghurs by the Chinese government.

He said he did not intend to “defend” the Chinese Communist Party, but questioned how Australia would react if Beijing insisted on the death toll of Aboriginal people in custody.

“Isn’t that a valid point?” he countered.

It wasn’t just the reporters in the room who Keating criticized. He also accused Foreign Minister Penny Wong of accepting AUKUS and allowing the military to “overtake foreign policy.”

“I’ll tell you this: Running around the islands of the Pacific with a lei around your neck handing out money is what Penny does, not foreign policy. It’s the consul’s job,” he said.

“Foreign policy is what you do to big powers. What do you do with China? What do you do with the United States? This government, the Albanian government, has not adopted a foreign policy.”

By agreeing to a “kabuki show in San Diego,” Mr Albanese said, “The Australian Labor Government has been a force to be reckoned with since former Labor leader Billy Hughes tried to introduce conscription to bolster the Australian military in World War I.” made the worst international decision by

“History will be the final judge of this project, but I hope my name is clearly on the record among those who say it’s wrong,” he said.

Keating said he sought to meet with Albanese to share his concerns and be briefed on the AUKUS program.

“The message has been passed on, but we have not heard anything from the prime minister,” he said in a statement.

first published as ‘Worst Deal Since World War I’: Paul Keating Furious Over AUKUS Deal

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‘Worst Deal Since World War I’: Paul Keating Furious Over AUKUS Deal

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