Would you like to buy this custom Harley-Davidson “Woody” for $ 20,000?

Does it make a sound if a tree falls in the forest and no one is listening to it? That would be the case if it turned into today’s Nice Price or No Dice Harley. Let’s see if the price of this custom bike says “Yes, I’m a tree!”

Coelacanths are ancient lobe-finned fish that have long been considered extinct. That is, until it was pulled by a fisherman’s net off the coast of South Africa in 1938. Unexpected discoveries that have long been forgotten can cause many emotions. They range from uplifting when the discovery is a living fossil like a coelacanth to horrifying horror when it is a repressed memory of childhood trauma. But I also wanted ice cream.

When I saw yesterday’s tidy 1985 AMC / Renault Encore (a car that no one expected to exist yet), almost no one knew how to react at all. Many of you have pointed out that the car shouldn’t be incredibly around yet, let alone be as good as it seemed to be. Some of you had problems with its mere existence, claiming that these were terrible cars when they were new and then did nothing to change that fact. These complex sentiments led to a mixed vote on Angkor’s $ 3,500 ($ 4,885) asking price. In the end, the denials won because the Angkor stage lights dimmed with a 58% loss without dice.

That old Renault may have been an unexpected sight, but no one would have predicted far away that today we would discuss something wild like a woody Harley-Davidson motorcycle. .. But hey, that’s the way we roll.


This amazing, and perhaps debris-inducing bike is said to be ready for the show and durable. As you’ll definitely notice in the photo, sitting still below the politician’s morals, the skirted fender seems to be at risk of rolling over a penny or breaking on the gentlest turn. .. It looks great, but of course it’s pretty dangerous to actually ride a bike. According to the advertisement, it is equipped with airbags and an onboard compressor, allowing the rider to lift the suspension with a “6-8 inch ride”. It actually makes it available, just for a short joke. Nonetheless, this bike is really all about form-based features and has some distance.

The details of the custom work in the form of this woody bike are noteworthy. The footboard features inlaying and looks like a small old-fashioned surfboard that matches the color combo of the frame, tank and fenders. Of particular note is the central spine and handgrip, which are made to look like they are made of bamboo. If Gilligan’s Island had been visited by a biker gang, this would have been a leader’s ride.


Power is obtained by a 1500 cc Harley V-twin breathing through a moving eye speed stack and exhausting through a pair of short straight pipes. Yes, it’s probably loud and crazy, but you still didn’t like your neighbor anyway. Everything in the engine is highly polished or chrome plated and looks perfectly clean.

Power is sent to the transmission via an open belt drive. The open belt drive looks comical like a belt sander surrounded by all the trees. This ad doesn’t mention the age of the bike or the age of the machine, but it says it’s in “like new” condition, so I think it’s as close as you’ll get.

In addition to Woody Trim, the bike features handsome metallic orange paint on the tank and fenders. It is complemented by a large amount of chromium throughout. According to the seller, the bike is made long and low like a “dragster”. The saddle (thankfully not a tree) is in the well between the engine and the sweep rear fender and looks reasonably comfortable. Long-term comfort isn’t really considered here, as it’s not a bike that’s going to hit the freeway with a few panniers strapped on and a mat with goggles on.


This is an exhibit first and foremost. You need to be able to ride to get in and out of the trailer for transport to those shows, but major road use will probably result in dents and tips that will defile the enjoyment of its main purpose.

It makes this bike a bit unitas car, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. However, the potential challenge is the lack of license plates and the lack of mention of registration in the ad. It says it’s worth the road, but is it legal on the road?

That is something that should be resolved with the seller. The other is the asking price of $ 15,000 ($ 20,937) for a bicycle. Custom Harley has a pretty strong market and there is no more custom. The question to you is whether it is worth the $ 15,000 ($ 20,937) price tag. I know, you are cutting your work for you today.


What do you think, is this woody Harley worth the cabbage? Or is it too much for a bike that requires a termite extermination visit before transferring ownership?

you decide!

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Would you like to buy this custom Harley-Davidson “Woody” for $ 20,000?

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