Yasmeen Fletcher on Ms. Marvel Episode 2, Nakia

According to Disney + released for episode 6 of “Ms. Marvel” This summer, POPSUGAR has a special panel discussion with cast and producers about making the show come to life. This week, Yasmeen Fletcher spoke with POPSUGAR about episode two, “Crushed.”

Yasmeen Fletcher really loves it “Ms. Marvel” character, Nakia. Before he knew it was going to be a show, a friend told him about the comics, explaining what it was about a Pakistani American Muslim boy with a culture like Fletcher’s. “I immediately went to the comic book store and picked up the first comic book that I could find and read through it and fell in love with it,” he told POPSUGAR.

When Fletcher hears rumors about a modified actor, the actor tells his boss he wants to be a part of it and he has to do his favorite character, Nakia. “He was very strong and he looked bad,” Fletcher said of his attitude. “She is not afraid to speak her mind, and she just trusts who she is and loves her friends and gives her attention and support and fights for the people she loves. [and] his community. “

All the features of Nakia are placed in the second part of the series, when he – with the support of his best friend Kamala (Iman Vellani) – decided to run to the chair of the council that ran his church. Fletcher loves how quickly Nakia decides to jump into it. At first, it was vague, and then, ‘It’s like,’ I got the print. I got the buttons. We’re doing this all. I got the plan. campaign and you all participate, ‘”Fletcher said.

It was a fun time for Nakia to explain her plans for Kamala and Bruno (Matt Lintz) at the mosque the Eid host. It’s reminiscent of the situation in many high school movies where one breaks all the school cliques for new kids – but here, it’s all the cliques of the mosque. “It’s similar to Kamala’s AvengerCon plan in a different way, but you saw it in Nakia too, a lead-control type twist,” Fletcher said, referring to the circumstances of first section.

The second one also has a very nice view of Nakia and Kamala in the bathroom. Kamala, only to find her power, was fighting for control while she was in school. He runs to the bathroom in fear, and Nakia follows him. Thinking his friend was on his time, he crossed his tampon across the door. Fletcher loved the moment. “Nakia and Kamala really support each other and have love for each other,” he said. “She’s not sure what happened with her in the bathroom …. ‘ the best you can ask for. ” Fletcher says the relationship between the two reminds him of his best friend and that he and Vellani are still close now after the film.

Yasmeen Fletcher as Nakia with Matt Lintz as Bruno and Iman Vellani as Kamala

In both the movie and comics, Nakia choose to wear hijab. Fletcher was not, but it was important for him to highlight this between Nakia and many Muslim women themselves. “I was very passionate about interpreting it correctly,” he explained. “I have also been surrounded by a group of incredibly creative Muslim people who have been supportive and still have passion and passion for the character and want to make sure he is strong and strong in it hijab. “

He added, “I am deaf all the time and I want to learn everything I can, because again, this attitude is very important to me and I know it is very important to many people. people. “

“I haven’t heard of the mix talk on TV because it sounds like a niche theme, but it’s not.”

But one of the major changes that the creative team has made is for Nakia race history. In the comics, he was Turkish American, but for the show, they decided to make him Lebanese American and mixed race, like Fletcher. In the second part, Nakia sends a message about how choosing to wear a hijab helps her feel stronger and safer in her Muslin faith and in herself as a different race. He said, “All my life, I have been free for some people or race for another. And it has caused discomfort, deep in the middle. So when I first put this, I hope to close some of the audience, but I kinda find that I do not really want to prove anything to anyone. have a purpose. “

“It simply came to our notice then [to deliver that monologue]”Fletcher said.” I’ve never heard the mix talk about it on TV because it sounds like a niche theme, but it’s not. . . . You are in the middle of nowhere, and I think we are also afraid to talk about what it feels like to grow in a liminal space. ”

Looking ahead, there is a big attempt at Nakia and Kamala’s relationship: Kamala’s new right to be a superhero, which Nakia is still unaware of. As Fletcher points out, it became clear from the first two episodes of “Ms. Marvel” that Nakia was not a fan of superheroes. “He thinks the real heroes are the people of the transition,” he said. “It just’s not like the way superheroes managed to save the world because it also causes a little bit of damage, too.” He added, “As he has a crush on superheroes, he also loves his best friend.” How things will shake off remains to be seen.

Fletcher said it took a long time to get this part of the screen; They wrapped up the director photo in May 2021, then did some rehearsals this winter. And the wait did not help him worry about being distracted by the audience. “You think in that two-year period, we would be like, ‘So I’m ready now,” he said. “That’s not really happening. That’s a bad idea. When you get here, you’ve not prepared for it.”

But no matter what happens – the second season, maybe? – Fletcher thanks the friends he made for the set. He said that in three weeks of knowing each other, some of the cast decided to get phim xob laim-bolt tattoos. “Last day, I had a family of mine fly and tattoo all of us in my room, and that was the best relationship we could have,” he said.

The first two episodes of “Ms. Marvel” are now broadcast on Disney +, with new episodes released weekly.

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