Yellow Lamborghini seized on the Gold Coast for speeding

The yellow Lamborghini was confiscated from Gold Coast real estate after being seen driving at more than twice the speed limit.

According to Queensland Police, the luxury car ran three times at high speed between August 22nd and 28th.

“We can’t exaggerate the potential catastrophic consequences of driving behavior, such as what allegedly happened,” said Sergeant Fat McDagal of the Road Police Investigation Unit on Saturday.

The car was confiscated in an apartment complex at Paradise Point after the attack on September 22nd.

The three allegedly speeding up in a yellow car were fined on the spot.

A 25-year-old Paradise Point woman was reportedly clocked at 123 km / h in a 70 km zone on August 22 in Miami.

Two other men from Paradise Point were also fined.

A 35-year-old woman is said to have exceeded the speed limit by 50 km / h at Vigera Waters on August 26. He was fined for using the phone while driving.

According to police, a 33-year-old man was running around 124 km / h in the 50 zone of Paradise Point on August 28.

A Queensland road police sergeant urged drivers to consider the consequences of their actions when they grabbed the steering wheel.

“Already this year, road fatalities have increased significantly across the state. There is no such thing as a safe speed breach – speed breach killing,” said Sgt McDougall.

Place of originYellow Lamborghini seized on the Gold Coast for speeding

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