Young Family Lands Unpolished Gems in Haiton

Auctioneer Kieron Hunter calls for bids while the winning bidder stands behind.

Families returning to Geelong can put a fresh polish on the old Highton jewels on the market for the first time.

3 bedroom Lemony Avenue The home has attracted competition from two bidders en route to a $956,000 sale at Saturday’s auction.

The 804-square-meter Shoubra Estate property was offered at a price guide of $900,000 to $990,000, but competition began with a bid of $920,000.

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“This rare unpolished gemstone is on one of the best and most well-held estates here in Hyton,” said Barry Plant of Hyton auctioneer Kieron Hunter.

“Sure, there are options to renovate and expand. (But) don’t touch the bathroom. It’s a special place in my heart,” he quipped.

“It’s certainly expandable, and if you add a crossover at the end of the block, you can even add a garage.”

The house was built in the early 1960’s.

Light fixtures, cornices and mantelpieces retain the original feel of the house.

The kitchen faces north.

This was the first time the house, built in the 1960s, was on the market.

“Like I said, it’s an unpolished gem, but it’s been impeccably maintained by one owner, so now it’s time to pass the baton.”

For buyers Kyle and Camilla Gould, location was a key factor in the decision.

The couple, who have three children, plan to return to Geelong from Inverley.

“We moved from Geelong to Inverleigh for a few years and now we’re back with the kids,” he said.

“Kids are older, so with schooling and everything out there, they travel less and run less.”

Kieron Hunter calls the auction.

Angus Davies was having a conversation with a telephone bidder.

Auctioneer Kieron Hunter solicits another bid from a telephone bidder.

Gould said it’s close to the store and the couple can do quite a bit of classic mid-century house as well.

“This was always the place we were looking for,” he said.

“We got a pretty good deal. We were pleasantly surprised. We thought it would have cost a little more, but we’re glad we did.”

Neighbors welcomed the family to their neighborhood near Hyton Elementary School.

The fact that this was a competitive auction is thanks to last-minute work to allow Talkie parties to bid over the phone.

After the bidder indicated that he would not be participating in the auction, the agent rushed at the last minute to call if the property passed.

Not wanting to miss the chance to bid competitively, fellow agent Angus Davis contacted potential buyers by phone and relayed the bids.

Hunter declared the property to be on the market for $950,000.

Young Family Lands Unpolished Gems in Haiton

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