Your view: About West End breweries and bureaucracy

Today, readers are commenting on the brewery closure and PR plans.

Comment on the story: End of West End: When Lion quits SA, tears shed as a historic brewery

This is the end of these brands. South Australians are a notorious parish. Foreseeing the end of Southwark and the West End. – Peter Sanders

Thankfully, there are still Coopers brewing great beers. – Doug Short

Sad for the left-behind workers. Such an iconic business, even if beer isn’t my favorite.

Perhaps big, but it could be an opportunity for Jon Olsen to set up a new Crows fan base in this space. The ceremonial chimney is left for SANFL.

Lots of development space, oval is nearby. Worth thinking, I need to think. – Wes Moyle

It was an SA business. It wasn’t one for a long time. – Graham Bartlett

It is a pity that the “Sage of the East” has chosen to close South Australia’s industry again. Indeed, SA and Adelaide will offer lower real estate costs, transportation, labor and other operational costs than many locations in larger states.

Adelaide is also close to high quality barley growers throughout South Australia. Coopers have proven that brewing operations can be successful in Adelaide, but state-owned enterprises with eastern state headquarters often ignore state benefits.

Thebarton brewery is reported to be operating at only 50% capacity. Did Lion integrate one or more of the other breweries into Adelaide and make sufficient efforts to produce other brands here in SA? Also, did they consider producing a series of small “craft beers” to take up the public interest of those lines?

Does this mean that Christmas decorations don’t decorate the banks of the Torrens River (although not planned for this year due to COVID)? Lions should consider keeping parts of the site, such as museums, springs, and the best chimneys. – – Paul Turner

For the economic survival of Australia and also of each state, we need to increase local manufacturing far beyond current levels.

The closure of facilities such as Thebarton’s brewery is simply unacceptable. SA has already lost too much work on the interstate. Lion Nathan’s decision would have been better to brew additional brands here, as the cost of doing business here in Adelaide is lower than in other parts of Australia.

Therefore, all SA beer drinkers are advised to boycott the West End and Southwark brands next month to show that they disagree with this decision. Seeing the growth in sales of Coopers and small bouquet breweries may appreciate BUYSA’s power. – Don Will

I hope the chimney gets the heritage list as soon as possible. – Tim Sparks

Comment on the story: “Work on the bow wave”: bureaucratic PR plan revealed

Does anyone else have the feeling that part of this spin is in line with something like “the emperor’s new outfit”?

There’s something in Nike’s slogan, “Just do it.” Leverage the experience and expertise of your employees.Empower them And the work is done. – Joanna Carapetis

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