Zoom in and start deploying end-to-end encryption

Zoom has launched a “Technology Preview” of its end-to-end encryption (E2EE) service. It is available to both free and paid users. The company revealed today in a blog post.

Available next week, it represents the first phase of the company’s four better E2EE products, announced in May in response to the company’s insistence on security and privacy.

Security Engineering Zoom Head Max Crohn wrote in a blog post that the new encryption provides “robust protection” that helps prevent interception of decryption keys that can be used to monitor meeting content.

The new E2EE uses the same GCM encryption currently in use, but shifts the location of those encryption keys. When the organizer creates a meeting, an encryption key is automatically generated and public key encryption is used to distribute the key to other participants.

According to Krohn, Zoom’s server will be a “failure-oblivious server” and the keys will be generated by the participant’s machine rather than the Zoom server, so you won’t see the key needed to decrypt the meeting.

Zoom CEO Eric Yuan said the move is the next step in increasing the security of video communications services.

“End-to-end encryption is another step forward in making Zoom the most secure communication platform in the world,” says Yuan.

“This phase of our E2EE product offers the same security as existing end-to-end encrypted messaging platforms, but the quality and scale of the video makes Zoom ideal for hundreds of millions of people and the world’s largest enterprise. It is a communication solution. “

As part of the new service, hosts can enable E2EE settings at the account, group, and user levels and lock them at the account or group level. According to the blog post, all meeting participants must come from the Zoom desktop client, mobile app, or Zoom Rooms to function properly in Phase 1.

However, in the first phase, when E2EE is enabled, some services such as cloud recording, streaming, live transcription, breakout room, polling, 1: 1 private chat, and conference response are disabled. Become.

Following the announcement of financial results for the second quarter of 2021 last month, the news saw a significant increase in profits, cash flow and GAAP revenue, with a significant 355% year-over-year increase in revenue.

The former said it had a significant impact on the company’s position amid the global shift to remote solutions and concerns about business continuity at the beginning of the year.

“Organizations are shifting from addressing immediate business continuity needs to support the future of working anywhere, learning anywhere, and connecting anywhere with Zoom’s video-first platform,” Yuan said. Mr. says.

At Zoom, we strive to provide our customers with a world-class, frictionless and secure communication experience across locations, devices and use cases. “

Zoom in and start deploying end-to-end encryption

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