6 Tips For Getting More Variety in Plus-Size Fashion

In an age where the body positivity movement is taking over every corner of the internet, styling for fuller-figured shapes is more accessible than ever. Thankfully, with the upsurge of influencers, bloggers and models who have breathed new and exciting life into fashion for plus-sized people, there comes a wealth of resources to draw inspiration from. Additionally, retailers and designers are becoming more inclusive of all people irrespective of size and shape, complexion, disability and religious values – and it’s an electrifying time to be involved. Here are six body-loving tips to get better variety out of plus-size fashion.

Start With a Good Pair of Underwear

Any decent wardrobe is built on the foundation of quality undergarments. As a universal rule, most stylists recommend funnelling your money into underwear that is comfortable, well-fitted and made of hard-working material for the best bang for your buck. When looking for plus-size underwear, such as Australian plus-size g-strings, aim for natural fibres like bamboo and cotton, which will allow for maximum breathability and moisture-wicking. Secondly, ensure you’ve got a supportive bra that properly fits in both cup and band. It is recommended to have a professional fitting for this, which is oftentimes complimentary. Remember, your unmentionables are an investment in your day-to-day comfort, and it’s a bonus when they look good.

Embrace Your Belly and Thighs

There is simply more of you to love and show off in style. The body positivity movement seeks to empower all people to love their uniqueness instead of falling victim to the body policing the tabloids traditionally encourage. Each body is different and beautiful, and accepting your curves is the springboard for making better, more confident style choices. Change your mindset to be less “I can’t wear that” and instead more “that would look great on me” when out shopping. We are our own best cheerleaders. If you like, add shapewear, like a bodysuit, to your arsenal to help cinch and smooth your curves, but this is entirely optional.

Get Involved

Join an online community or forum, or curate your social media platforms to include plus-sized fashionistas with your body type. Engaging with fellow plus-sized folk is a great way of exploring curvy fashion options without the pressure of conventional sales tactics. Social media allows us to join groups via Facebook and trawl Reddit threads catering specifically to our interests. YouTube is also a great resource to keep in the toolkit, with plus-sized influencers taking to the platform to talk all things fashion and lifestyle, and allowing for engagement in the comments section. If you prefer your inspiration bite-sized, Instagram may be more your speed, where plus-sized models, celebrities and influencers post photos and short vlogs. Alternatively, there are still classic blogs with curvy fashion as the focal point.

There is No Need to Hide

Don’t hide in bulky, baggy and frumpy clothing – and don’t be afraid to show some skin if that’s your jam. For instance, crop tops and high-waisted bottoms can look chic on fuller figures, and celebrities like Lizzo are taking to platforms like TikTok to teach us that there’s no reason for hiding in one-pieces or oversized t-shirts and shorts when at the pool or beach. Plus-size stylists recommend opting for garments that fit your contours but aren’t too snug causing unnecessary bulging. Dress to accommodate your shape and height, and pick flattering colours.

A Must for Every Wardrobe

Keep a quality, elastic banded pencil skirt in your wardrobe. According to celebrity stylist Susan Moses, a to-the-knee hem-line is the most flattering on all body types, and it’s a staple for plus-size women. She posits that a skirt ending at the knee elongates your curves, giving your body good balance. As a bonus, a pencil skirt is highly versatile and can be incorporated into various manners of dress, such as formal attire. Pair a peplum-style pencil skirt with heels for an elegant look, or pick a monochromatic type with a split for date night.

The Secret Weapon

In an era of fast fashion, tailoring is scarcely mentioned anymore but offers a great way to extend the life of your garments even throughout weight fluctuation or pregnancy. It is a plus-sized woman’s best-kept secret and makes good economic sense. Splurge a little on your investment pieces, and opt for higher quality fabrics and brands, with the peace of mind that your clothing can be adjusted if the need arises.


Nowadays, being curvier is no longer taboo. As we continue to break down social constructs that penalise people for their size, complexion, gender expression and religion, we move further into an exciting time of self-love, acceptance and celebration. Courtesy of these changing ideas, variety in plus-size fashion is on the rise as noteworthy brands, designers and other retailers jump on the inclusivity bandwagon. Gone are the days of hiding in frumpy, ill-fitted clothing. Whether you are looking to feather your wardrobe out with some great curvy basics, invest in a beautiful frock or are on the lookout for high-quality workwear, your options are endless. Enjoy challenging the modern beauty and fashion standards of old, and look good doing it!

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