About Traitor Everyone Who Ever Returned Home

Channel 10’s newest reality TV series traitor It started well and we’ve been on the edge of our seats since the first episode.

Debut season hosted by Roger Corsertakes place in an old hotel, where contestants compete in challenges to win silver bars. $250,000 in the end.

Contestants are either “believers” or “traitors”, and traitors are tasked with convincing followers that they are one of them.

The followers must find out who among them is the traitor before the competition ends. Otherwise, you will take home the entire winnings.

If followers win, they can choose to keep the full amount or split with their allies A faithful.

talk latchCourser explained the rules of the show and said there are two ways to exclude people from the game.

If they are giving off sass vibes, they can be “murdered by traitors” or “banished” by other contestants in the “Expulsion Ceremony”.

Of the 24 contestants, 4 are traitors and they are the only ones who know who the other traitors are. I am on a mission to win.

Every night, the two say goodbye to the competition. One is killed, the other is exiled.

Now, let me introduce you to all the dropouts. traitor So far.

About Traitor Everyone Who Ever Returned Home

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