AFL star James Hurd allegedly victim of $275,000 Melbourne roof scam

A 23-year-old merchant has been accused of defrauding a Victorian family of $275,000, including AFL champion James Hurd.

Mark Burton was granted bail in the Supreme Court of Victoria on Tuesday after being charged in July 2022 with 11 counts of ill-gotten acquisition of property through fraud and one count of disposition of criminal proceeds.

The Briton was arrested at Melbourne Airport on 31 July 2022 while trying to board a flight to the UK.

Mr Burton, who was in Australia on a bridging visa with his wife and two children, established Top Rated Roofing in the Melbourne area in April 2022, the court heard.

The prosecutor’s office alleges that Mr. Barton responded to a customer who called his business asking for roof repairs.

The court was told that in one instance, petitioner called Mr. Burton and was told to remove the possum from the roof. After inspecting the building, Mr. Burton told the complainant that it needed repairs.

Hird and his wife Tania allegedly paid $31,900 for the repair after inquiring about replacing the downpipe and fixing the leak in the roof.

The alleged violations ranged from charging $50 for one issue to another incident where three sisters allegedly paid $149,000 to repair a roof.

Police are also investigating about 30 allegations that Mr Burton and his company defrauded other homeowners across Melbourne.

The court was told that Mr. Burton and his accomplice had no experience as roofers or merchants.

Barton’s attorney, Jason Garachi, said his client could face up to three years in custody before being brought to trial as police continue to investigate.

“At this stage, there is real uncertainty about what the allegations will be, what the statement will reveal, what the evidence will reveal, as the investigation is still ongoing.”

“There will be significant delays in getting to the commit.”

The court was told that the issues under investigation were “surprisingly” similar to the charges faced by Mr. Burton.

Judge Michael Croucher granted Mr. Burton bail despite concerns that Mr. Burton was in fugitive danger. We judged the potential length to be unacceptable.

“One of the problems is that another indictment is due. (Police) will not be able to complete the filing by Oct. 24. More than 30 people have claimed to be victims.” Stated.

“There could be a delay of three years or more between the first arrest in this case and the decision of the court.”

Judge Crowcher said Burton’s immigration status meant he was not allowed to work or support his family while on bail, but issued a statement that his family in the UK could support him financially. did.

He said he would not require Mr. Burton to wear an ankle monitor while out on bail, but instead ordered him to appear in police twice a day.

Mr. Burton has also been ordered to remain at his home in Clayton from 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. each day.

You must also surrender your passport and travel documents and must not leave Victoria or Australia.

Judge Croucher warned Barton that he was on “short chains” and could easily be returned to prison if he did not follow strict bail conditions.

The issue is scheduled to be heard again before the Melbourne Magistrates Court on 5 December 2022.

AFL star James Hurd allegedly victim of $275,000 Melbourne roof scam

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