‘Aggressive’ NT cop loses evidence battle

A Northern Territory police officer who shot and killed an Aboriginal teenager during a botched arrest was found to be at a higher than normal level of aggression but was recruited into the army anyway, an inquest said.

Constable Zachary Rolfe was found to be an overall “good” police candidate in 2016, but the results of psychological tests showed that he “wiped out the significance of his errors and his role.” They may try to minimize it, or they may try to blame others.”

The test also revealed an above-average aggression score, the decision dismissing an officer’s challenge to evidence proposed at the Alice Springs inquest, said the decision.

“Whether Zachary acts with assertiveness or outright aggression cannot be determined by this measure alone,” said the Australian Association of Forensic Psychologists results included in the ruling. .

Three years later, Konst Rolfe shot 19-year-old Kumanjai Walker three times after stabbing him in the shoulder with a small pair of scissors.

An inquest into the Nov. 9, 2019 death of a man in Warpiri will also consider evidence of Konstrolf’s recreational drug use after coroner Elizabeth Armitage dismissed all police objections to the listing on Tuesday.

“There is no evidence to suggest that Konst Rolfe was under the influence of recreational drugs or alcohol at the time he shot and killed Kumanjai Walker,” she said.

“However, there is also no objective evidence that he was not under the influence of recreational drugs or alcohol.

“This is because Officer Rolfe was not tested for these substances after the shooting.”

Armitage said Konst Rolfe’s text messages provided evidence of recreational drug use.

The coroner will also review evidence regarding drugs prescribed to Konst Rolfe that may have influenced his decision-making.

Psychiatrist Alexander McFarlane’s evidence is that the drug “likely affected[Konst Rolfe’s]ability to suppress behavior in response to threat.”

The coroner ruled that the inquest included all evidence from eight categories that Konst Rolfe had challenged through his legal team.

“Konst Rolf claims that there is no ‘logical connection’ between this material and my assessment of the problems arising from Kumanjai Walker’s death.


An inquest will continue Wednesday.

‘Aggressive’ NT cop loses evidence battle

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