Airlines give vouchers to Sydney Watson after ‘overweight’ rant

Conservative commentators have been silenced after her rant about sitting between two overweight people on a short flight received an unexpected stamp of goodwill from the airline.

Sidney Watson is an American-Australian right-wing political journalist. No stranger to controversial subjectsposted on Twitter last month with a rambunctious campaign claiming, “If you need a seatbelt extender, you’re too fat to fly.”

Her offensive comments came after she sat between obese siblings on a three-hour flight on American Airlines.

In a lengthy Twitter post, she claimed that she was “married between two obese people” on the flight and that it was “absolutely unacceptable or not okay.”

At the time, American Airlines replied that it did not discriminate based on body type.

“Our passengers come in all sizes and shapes. We apologize for the inconvenience caused on your flight,” the airline’s Twitter account replied.

In a surprising update revealed by Watson on Tuesday, the airline appeared to have had a change of heart.

In an email sent to Watson on Monday, a representative said she “deeply regrets the enjoyment and comfort” of her flight, which was reduced “because another customer exceeded the space in her seat.” .

A representative told Watson that he had the right to switch seats if there were other flight options.

As a “sign of goodwill,” she was issued a $150 trip credit.

“I understand your disappointment that the situation has not improved to your satisfaction,” the email read.

“Thank you for contacting us regarding this matter. Above all, we appreciate your business and look forward to welcoming you again soon.”

Watson posted a particularly offensive response in a new tweet that followed the email.

“I would like to take the $150 offered to me by American Airlines as a refund and give it to anyone who needs a PT or gym membership,” she wrote.

The story has garnered viral attention from both sides of the fence, with many saying her pleas weren’t asked at all, while others felt her stance was justified. .

“I’ve been impressed by just about everyone except tall, muscular, 5’4,” she sits clinging to herself. The seats remain,” read one response.

“Instead, maybe you should donate to charity and then reflect deeply. You’re milking the humiliation of two people for your own benefit,” said another.

“I want to decline $150 and tell them it’s not enough compensation for three hours of misery,” wrote a third user.

Watson drew attention to “the two poles of Twitter” in another tweet, saying, “I don’t think that’s good enough. What a terrible company,” and another saying, “Good enough, honestly.”

Watson is not a doctor, but on Twitter his name appears as “Dr” and he calls himself a “very important doctor” on Instagram.

first published as Airline spectacular backflip after woman claims she was trapped between overweight men

Airlines give vouchers to Sydney Watson after ‘overweight’ rant

Source link Airlines give vouchers to Sydney Watson after ‘overweight’ rant

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