Amouranth Abuse: Husband Texts To Twitch Streamer Revealed On Twitter

Graphic text has surfaced showing top female streamer Amorance allegedly being abused by her husband.

Twitch streamer Caitlin “Amorance” Siragusa recently shocked fans by revealing that she’s married. Heartbreaking Video Reveals Alleged Abuse.

The streamer said her husband threatened to kill her horse, took control of their finances, and forced her to stream.

A text message that appeared on the stream reveals the extent of the alleged abuse, as her husband threatened to swindle him out of money if he didn’t call immediately.

And her husband apparently threw her belongings outside and threatened to “blow the cash” in a series of typo-riddled texts.

“Last chance. Deleted social media in a month.minutes.expiring purchase options and cash blast.I closed my real bank account as well and am about to give it away soon.”

He later complained about one of her streams and threatened to send her horse Kiran to a “meat processing plant” when she didn’t answer her phone calls.

“The lag is terrible. This stream is garbage,” read a thread of messages sent to Amouranth.

“30 more seconds to delete Twitter. If no phone. 34,000 gone. Gona donate $250,000 to PALOMACY in less than 2 minutes. $250,000 gone. 50 in 3 minutes. I’m donating 10,000 If I don’t get a call within a minute, I’ll make sure Kiran goes to the Meatpacking House 20 second timeouts $750,000 is gone I can’t pay my down payment right now Coalhouse 250k more in 5 minutes”

Another thread alleged her husband was abusive.

“Next time you say the plan. Do it. Sun F**k. Damn fuck. Do you understand???”

Amouranth replied, “What kind of plans are you talking about?”

My husband replied: I’m calling you “

The allegations of abuse came to light in a clip circulating on social media showing the top female Twitch streamer in tears while on the phone with her husband. was not

Amouranth said her husband told her not to reveal that she was married in order to make more money from Twitch’s “hot tub” meta.

One American woman The world’s most popular streamer Known for popularizing the controversial hot tub Twitch category. This includes scantily clad women chatting with viewers.

Payable jobs and Amranth Earn at least $133,000 monthly from subscribers and donate.

She also reportedly earns about $1 million a month from Onlyfans, $18,000 a month from Patreon, $17,000 a month from Fansly, $10,000 to $25,000 from Instagram, and $5,000 to $15,000 from Twitter. increase.

She revealed last year that she had bought a petrol station $6 million (US$4 million).

“One of the top Twitch streamers in the world”

The gaming community banded together to support Amouranth after she went public with her allegations.

“Amoranth is an absolute champion who can withstand so much abuse from people online and in their personal lives as well,” Irish YouTuber Sean “Jacksepticeye” McLoughlin wrote on social media.

“The mental fortitude required is incredible.

“There’s been a lot of really bad reactions to it online, too. It’s not that hard to be a decent human being.”

Streamer PrismaticKitsune wrote: Last night revealed she was married to her abuser when he screamed on her phone and threatened her.

“This isn’t a lie, it’s a cry for help.

“If you’re more upset that she’s married than being abused, get help.”

Streamer Rachell “Valkyrae” Hofstetter has defended Amouranth after comments were posted criticizing him for misleading viewers about her marital status.

“It’s sickening to see the internet continue to incapacitate and dehumanize victims of abuse.

“It is very real that Amrance has been trapped, especially joint accounts, marriage, and dealing with threats. .”

American video game developer Brianna Wu writes:

“And in my opinion, most of us are subject to a level of degradation and abuse that will keep us out of public life forever.”

Journalist Zach Bussey wrote:

“This shit is all too common for too many people, and shows that even with the financial resources, it’s not easy to get out of an abusive relationship. I hope you can answer by!”

Fellow Twitch Arinity reportedly contacted police for a welfare check on Amoranth, but was told police were unable to provide information about her health.

This morning, Amrance wrote on Twitter, “Someone called the police, I’ll be back later.”

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Amouranth Abuse: Husband Texts To Twitch Streamer Revealed On Twitter

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