Aubrey Plaza: Intense and whimsical new season of Emily the Criminal star The White Lotus

It’s becoming less and less likely that Aubrey Plaza’s acting career will boil over, but at least she has a handy skill to rely on thanks to her new film.

Emily the Criminal, a timely thriller, Emily the Criminal, and American actor and comedian Emily the Criminal, desperate attempts to come forward due to the debt of an assault and a pile loan. It simply plays an ambitious graphic designer trying to make it a penalty. She is struggling to pay her invoice while doing a sneaky and exploitation work in catering, and is involved in a credit card fraud ring that promises easy and quick cash.

On the first day of filming, the prop master climbed into a fake credit card making machine, and after a crash course in how to use it, Plaza proved himself a pro.

“It was fun learning how to make a fake credit card,” she says with a laugh, watching UK Zoom. After praising the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year, Emily The Criminal was screened as part of the London Film Festival.

“That’s the point of being an actor. You never know what you’ll learn. So I have all these things I can put in my back pocket in case something goes wrong.”

John Putonford, the screenwriter and coach, created a film script based on his experience of graduating with a $ 90,000 student loan. Plaza, who started with her sketch and improvisation comedy, jumped on a chance to play Loose Cannon, who is tired of her unequal system that she is piled up.

“I thought it was really fun to play a person who solves the problem with my own hands,” said she. She said, “She felt fun and rewarding in a new way.”

Since her breakout role as April Ludgate in Parks and Recreation, Plaza has built an impressive and respected resume in TV and film, starring in such mainstream roles as Happiest Season, Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates and Bad Grandpa. We have built the role of the program and the highly valued indies. Ingrid Goes West and Black Bear.

Her star is set to rise further with Guy Ritchie’s much-delayed action film Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre and the lead role in the second season of White Lotus.

However, despite her recent success, Plaza still remembers the difficult times, and by playing Emily, she has spent years struggling to break into comedy and acting while studying filmmaking in New York. She didn’t resort to Emily’s increasingly desperate criminal prosecution, but she recalls the feeling of being at the bottom and lacking options and opportunities that come with financial security.

“There was definitely a time when I was in New York, doing odd jobs, working in the restaurant industry, working at a temporary agency, showing up every day not knowing what my next job would be. she says.

“I remember that feeling when I took the subway at 4:30 or 5 in the morning and opened a coffee shop downtown and dealt with all the nasty businessmen. I definitely thought a lot about it for the movie.” I thought about what it would be like to be surrounded by and close to successful people, but not be able to live that life and want it so badly.”

One of the jobs of plaza at that time was to guide tourists on a New York network, which is famous for the NBC page, but until it is recommended to spend a little free and easy in the strict studio custom. After getting tired of repeating the same passion for each new tour group, some of her and her fellow guides challenge each other to introduce strange random words (such as chicken). , made it undetectable.

“I enjoyed it while I was there, but I don’t think it was clearly suitable for the program,” she says. “I always had one leg. I wanted to be an actor or comedian, so I used all the opportunities to make some strange performance art works. I definitely line up in line. I was not good at having such a particular structure. It was good while it continued.

Nevertheless, Plaza is patient and has left her stickiness to her parents’ labor ethics. Her mother, Bernadette and her father, have become lawyers and financial advisors since humble beginning. Plaza always thanks her and her sacrifice for her and her sister, and she says she is stimulated.

“They had me when I was 19 and they worked really hard when I was a baby,” she says. Growing up watching me do all kinds of work trying to create something, I grew up around the feeling of wanting to prove myself and be someone and then bring that into the world of acting. I went. “

Emily the Criminal also supports the rapid reputation of Plaza as a producer. She is completely involved in all of her movies, from her development and funding to the average average average 20 -day shooting, and struggles with her own driving on Ross’s street. did a stunt. Angeles.

The experience would have been little different from the second season of HBO’s extravagant production The White Lotus, which was filmed this year at the gorgeous Four Seasons Sandmenica Palace Hotel in Sicily.

Like the first season taken in Hawaii, the new episode focuses on a different group of Americans who are not well -behaved overseas, including the casts, including Michael Impaireoli, F. Murray Abraham, Teo James, and Jennifer Couridge. I will apply. And, like Etna Mountain, a volcano that sounds ominous on the Italian island, Plaza promises that this season will be “a little more unstable”.

“The island has a wild atmosphere,” she says. “If there is a volcano in the background of vacation and travel, something happens unconsciously in a place you do not know when to erupt. It is like a metaphor -there are many eruptions in the season. For what you want. take it

Creator Mike White wrote the role of Harper White with a friend and occasional travel companion plaza in mind. When she first read the script, the actor thought it would be easier to work by playing a very close character to her true self, It was difficult to shake off the character at the end of the day.

“Because there is no separation, it will be complicated,” she says. “It was this kind of strange psychological experience, but we all are friends and the casts are wonderful. We are all supporting each other, and we are something special. I think you knew it was doing. ”

Plaza says he’s too “in it” to judge whether the new group of vacationers is as bad as the first season, but from his own keen observations such a compelling Black I respect white for his ability to create a comedy.

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“I’m a genius because he writes what he knows,” says Plaza. “I’m the only thing I do, I have traveled with him. I know he is most interested. He deciphered the code himself and knows himself. I found a way to write what I was doing. Looking at the Americans on vacation, at these gorgeous 5 -star resorts, he spent many years eavesdropping on this kind of person. So, I think he finally wrote it all it down, and it’s very interesting. “

EMILY THE CRIMINAL can be owned and rented from October 26. THE WHITE LOTUS, Season 2, October 31, Don -chan

Aubrey Plaza: Intense and whimsical new season of Emily the Criminal star The White Lotus

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