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Too late to leave Shepperton, Moorupuna, Orubert, Murchison, Kiara West

Here are the major warnings listed by the government to keep up with extreme weather. Victoria SES:

  • Warn Echuca, Bambalsa, and Charlton to evacuate immediately.

  • ‘Too late to leave’ (meaning ‘evacuate to the highest possible place’) warning Shepperton, Moorupuna, Orbert, Murchison and Kiara West.

You can find the full list of warnings here.

This Urgent Warning – River Flooding – Warning Too Late To Depart Was Issued For Mooroopna

If you’re still in Moorupuna, it’s too late. If you have not evacuated, please evacuate to as high a place as possible.

Click here for details

— VICSES News (@vicsesnews) October 16, 2022

This urgent warning – river flooding – too late to leave – has been issued for Orrvale

If you’re still in Orval, it’s too late. If you have not evacuated, please evacuate to as high a place as possible.

Click here for details

— VICSES News (@vicsesnews) October 16, 2022

Floods are starting to ease in Tasmania, BOM says

and in Tasmania Narramore say:

Flood warnings are still in effect for the north of the state, especially in the north. meandeling river and mersey likewise. Things are starting to ease and thankfully they probably won’t see any rain until the weekend, possibly lighter than we’re seeing on the mainland. but not as far north.

More rain in NSW Victoria and Queensland

The bad news is that more rain is expected in states already affected by flooding. Narramore say:

Observations range from 25 to 50 mm over inland New South Wales, northern Victoria and much of Queensland. Now this is much less than what we saw, but now everything is so wet and saturated that it could lead to new river levels rising in many already flooded rivers. Especially when you’re heading into that Thursday and Friday time slot.

Flood levels expected to peak in Shepperton Echuca, Moama and Lachlan Today

hello! Natasha May Dive directly into the latest information provided by the Bureau of Meteorology Dean Narramore To ABC News Breakfast:

A major flood warning is in effect for inland New South Wales and northern Victoria. Today, peaks can be seen in many places. So let’s start with the Avoca River around Charlton. Today it will reach a maximum height of about 8 meters, it will cause massive flooding, and today it seems to cause some problems.

Moving further east, we can see that a massive flood continues. This would continue for several days on the Kampas and Goulburn rivers. Flood peaks will be seen in Echuca and Moamasimilar to the 1993 level.

Shepperton looking for as well Peak later today or tonight. Similar to 1974 levels. There’s a lot of water in the Goulburn River now, and all of it is draining into the Murray River, which worries Echuca and Moama over the next few days.

Further upstream, however, some major issues make their way to Swan Hill, with more to come in the days and weeks to come. Well, other issues too.deluge Lachlan Around there That seems to be the peak. and around Narrandera area too. There is a big flood there. Again, peak today or tomorrow.

Further north, extensive flooding continues in many of the surrounding inland areas Warren When Weewer Parts of the Darling River and rainfall, more rain in the next few days will only exacerbate the many ongoing flooding problems.

Kaitlyn Cassidy

reporter Kaitlyn Cassidy and photographer Mike Bowers I was on the ground at Shepperton and submitted this report:

Victorian river reaches peak as floods worsen

Here is the latest report from Australia’s Associated Press on the flooding:

Flooding in several Victorian rivers is projected to peak as floods affecting thousands of people in the north of the state worsen.

Residents along some of the swollen Victorian rivers are preparing for the worst as record-breaking flooding is predicted.

Emergency alerts continue to apply to multiple regions, including: Shepperton, Murchison, Echuca, Chiara, Moorupuna, Oval, Charlton Barnadown When Elmore.

The Goulburn River in Shepperton reached 11.88 meters and rose late yesterday, with major flooding expected when it peaks at 12.2 meters today.

This is higher than the 1974 flood level of 12.09m, the Bureau of Meteorology said.

The image shows buildings in the middle of a town surrounded by a vast inland sea of ​​brown muddy water and residents using sandbags to protect their property.

of Kerrang’s Loddon River Levels similar to the record-breaking floods of January 2011 are expected to peak tomorrow through Wednesday.

A warning was also issued for Wimmera River warned by Horsham residents Heavy flooding is possible today and tomorrow.

of Campaspe River in Rochester Town, Burnadown When Echuca Massive floods hit a peak this morning, higher than in 2011.

About 9,000 residents are currently affected by the floods, and many have been cut off from their communities by rising water levels.

Since heavy rains hit the state on Wednesday, the Victorian Emergency Service has received more than 4,750 rescue requests, including more than 500 flood rescue requests.

prime minister Anthony Albanese Many people in Victoria, New South Wales and Tasmania say they are working hard.

For many people, it’s heartbreaking to think that it’s the third or fourth time in 18 months that a natural disaster of this magnitude has disrupted their lives.

crisis management committee Andrew Crisp said it had been a difficult week with “devastating consequences”.

however, [more] With massive flooding expected, it’s important for communities to listen to emergency services advice and stay informed, especially in areas at risk.

Modeling indicates that more than 7,500 facilities across Shepparton, Moorupuna, Kaila and Echuca could be affected by rising water levels. But residents will have to wait until the water recedes before authorities can begin an impact assessment.

Disaster recovery payments will be made available to residents of 23 municipal areas, and 250-bed camps for displaced persons will be opened in former Covid-19 quarantine facilities. Mickleham.

But unlike when the center was a quarantine facility, residents are free to move around, interact with each other, and come and go as they please.

Each room is fully equipped with toiletries and other essentials, and residents are provided with three meals daily, as well as snacks and beverages upon arrival.

Charities will provide assistance, including items such as clothing that families may have had to leave behind or lost during the floods.

About 100 ADF personnel have also been deployed to assist with evacuation and sandbag transport in the worst-affected areas.

There is also a severe flood warning. Broken River, Avoca River, Loddon River, Seven Creek, Castle Creek.

good morning

good morning. Welcome to The Guardian’s live coverage of the Victorian flood emergency.

Natasha May We’ll get back to you on today’s news shortly, but in the meantime here are the headlines:

Massive flooding continues across Victoria, with some rivers peaking overnight.

Thousands of homes in Shepperton and other local Victorian communities expected to be flooded or blocked in the next few days.

Nearly 6,000 facilities lost power yesterday, and more than 9,000 people applied for emergency assistance.

About 120 schools and 100 early learning centers are expected to remain closed today, with education departments planning to get students to attend schools as close as possible.

An increasingly dire forecast for the global economy is seen at the last minute Downgrade of Australian economic indicators in next week’s federal budgettreasurer Jim Chalmers warns of an “increasingly dangerous path” for global markets and key trading partners.

A Queensland religious school principal questioned whether students knew their teachers. living with boyfriend Among the concerns, the teacher’s “lifestyle” was contrary to “biblical moral standards.”

Brisbane real estate agent urged landlords to consider rent increase over 20 – Inflation has more than doubled as Australia grapples with a deepening rental crisis. The agency claims most tenants have “agreed” to the rent increase, which Tennant Queensland has called an “opportunistic price increase”.

Cost of living crisis and inadequate welfare payments are increasing food insecurity in Australian households, according to a new reportThe report estimates that about 500,000 households experience food insecurity every day.

Australia Live News: Thousands of Victoria homes without power as flood waters rise | Australian news

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