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Biden promises to codify Roe v. Wade as first part of post-intermediate bill

Joe Biden will announce today that if Democrats secure enough seats in Congress, the first bill he sends to Capitol Hill will codify federal abortion protection, Reuters reported.

The announcement marks the first time Biden has prioritized abortion rights and is less than a month away from the November midterm elections.

Republicans are expected to win the November elections and at least control the House of Representatives. Abortion remains a prominent issue and could help Democrats gain more support.

Biden will further expand on today’s promise in remarks scheduled at the Democratic National Convention event.

important event

In case you missed it: Former President Barack Obama echoed Democrats’ message ahead of the midterm elections. Details from The Guardian’s Sam Levine:

Barack Obama acknowledged that Democrats can become “buzzkilled” with their campaign’s abstract message and connect more with voters by emphasizing what voters feel in their daily lives .

inside Pod Save America interview, Released on Friday, Obama “used to get into trouble” when he appeared to be too didactic, including standing behind the podium and talking about policy in a theoretical way that didn’t directly relate to voters. I acknowledged that

“People don’t think so about these issues,” Obama said less than a month after Republicans attempted to take control of both houses of Congress in the November 8 midterm elections. “They think about them in terms of the life that I live every day. How does politics… relate to what interests me most?

“My family, my children, a job that gives me satisfaction, have fun, it’s not a buzzkill, is it?”

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Challenging Scalise is business executive Katie Darling, a Democrat.

Darling has campaigned around climate change concerns, state abortion bans, and underperforming schools in Louisiana. The Washington Post reports.

This is a viral campaign video from Darling depicting a fictional scenario of her giving birth.

Louisiana ranks 50th in crime, 48th in education, and 46th in health care. I am running for Congress to bring this race to the bottom.

— Katie Darling from Louisiana (@katie4louisiana) October 3, 2022

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Louisiana State Rep Steve Scalise comes under fire in new video footage on Jan. 6 that shows the No. 2 Republican next to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi asking for military aid.

from Defender of New Orleans:

Last Thursday, the House of Representatives Commission of Inquiry released a video showing Scalis standing at arm’s length from Pelosi on the day of the riot, listening to her demands for the National Guard. accused Scalise of attacking Pelosi for not asking for help, even though she can see him on a videotape near her while she asks for help.

Scalis had questioned whether the leadership of the Democratic Party did not immediately get help during the Capitol riots, when Trump supporters stormed the Capitol.

At a press conference in June, when Republicans asked about Democrats’ actions, Scalis chanted “Listen, listen,” supporters reported.

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Trump was also a high-profile topic in Utah’s Senate debate.

Independent candidate Evan McMullin sues Incumbent Republican Senator Mike Lee has pledged allegiance to Trump.

Utah Republican Sen. Mike Lee (right) and his independent challenger Evan McMullin before a televised debate three weeks before Election Day in Orem, Utah, Monday, Oct. 17, 2022. is taking pictures.
Photo: Rick Bowmer/AP

“Even if we win, I’m not going to Washington. donald trump Or Joe Biden. And that’s my promise to put Utah first,” Lee’s McMullin said.

Lee, on the other hand, claimed that the Democrats were McMullin’s “recruiting party.” Reported by Politico.

Lee added: They are important surrogates for ideas. You are asking people to trust, blindly trust … that will not lead to good policy outcomes. ”

Trump and Pelosi were also at issue in last night’s Ohio debate.

Ryan pressured Vance about his relationship with Trump, sometimes chastising Vance for criticizing Trump, but on other occasions seeking the former president’s endorsement.

“It takes courage to stand up to leaders. These leaders from DC will eat you up like chew toys,” Ryan said. CNN reported.

“You call Trump America’s Hitler and then kiss his ass and kiss his ass and he stands for you and you say he’s the greatest president ever said.”

Trump also said at a recent rally that Vance was “kissing his ass” to get Trump to campaign.

In response, Bunce said:

Last night, Ryan and Vance had a very personal and heated final debate as they tried to persuade voters as the midterm elections loomed.

At one point, Ryan accused Vance of “running around” with people supporting the “great substitution theory,” the belief that white people are being replaced by immigrants and other minorities. CNN reported.

“There is no big grand conspiracy. This is a country enriched by immigration,” Ryan said.

Vance was offended by Ryan’s remarks, pointing out that his wife, Usha, was “the daughter of immigrants from South Asia.”

Vance also denounced Ryan’s accusations against biracial children. we are fed up ”

Moderator: “What do you think about the ‘great substitution theory’?”

Tim Ryan accuses JD Vance of believing in the ideas that inspired the Buffalo shootings.

— (@townhallcom) October 17, 2022

Fierce debate rages on as US midterm elections approach

good morning. Candidates for various offices held tense debates on Monday, with the midterm elections less than a month away.

In Ohio, Democratic Rep. Tim Ryan and Republican candidate JD Vance had their final debate as Senate candidates. Reported AxiosThe heated debate touched on a number of topics, including the racism accusations Ryan accused Vance of. Accused of being abused by biracial children.

In the South, Axios further reported that Georgia’s gubernatorial candidates also held debates. Democrat Stacey Abrams and incumbent Brian Kemp clashed over gun policy, with Abrams blaming Kemp’s lax approach to gun control for increased violence in Peach State.

Biden to codify federal abortion rights if Democrats retain control of Congress – Live | Live | US Politics

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