Bill Murray Claims: Seth Green’s Trash, Lucy Liu and Being Mortal Set Claims

Some jokes fail. Take a look at a masked Bill Murray who thinks that if he kisses a young woman all the time and then straddles her, she thinks she’s going to riot.

Production on the half-finished Disney Searchlight medical drama has been canceled to be deadly After Murray was accused of doing it to a ‘much younger’ staff member, new york post.

After Murray paid more than $100,000 to a woman who allegedly couldn’t move with the actor’s weight, he hid the details of the incident to himself and refrained from suing the film’s producers. It’s clear that I don’t appreciate the actors’ unruly hijinks.

“I was zero percent surprised when the news broke about the incident. to be deadlyThe only surprising thing is that this didn’t happen right away,” said a producer who has worked with Murray. post.

“Flirting with Bill Murray [people] On set, it’s overkill. A kiss with a mask on is too far. I’ve never seen him touch anyone, but that’s his way of attacking women.

“Women are there to flirt,” the producer added of Murray’s MO. And it wasn’t just the young PA that he had hits with in production. He beat any woman. I saw him flirting with women in makeup and costumes. ”

Sources previously told Page Six that Murray was ‘very hands-on and difficult to handle’ [on the production of Being Mortal] …but always in a comedic way.

post Murray’s lawyers were contacted but did not receive a response.

On the one hand, he has become known for his entertaining interactions with his fans. Chicago he Wrigley to Cubs fans Off the field he gifted his tickets to the 2016 World Series, volunteered poetry readings to construction workers setting up a library, and Brooklyn restaurant 21 Green I used points to look after the bar. Owned by his son Homer.

But Hollywood insiders have begun to reveal another, darker side of Murray’s personality. It is his tendency to be embarrassed and aggressive towards his colleagues.

Sean O’Banion was a production assistant on the 2000 film charlie’s angels and witnessed the reaction to the now-infamous incident that turned on co-star Lucy Liu in a script rewrite that allegedly took place without Murray’s knowledge. According to Liu, Murray began “throwing insults” at her.

Disgusted Liu, said O’Banion postcalled [Murray] “f–king c–ksucker” and left the set. We all stood there with our mouths open. Within an hour, however, they resumed filming. Bill did not return for the sequel. ”

A spokeswoman for Liu did not respond to a request for comment.

McG, the director of that film, also claims that Murray headbutted him during production.Murray denied this Times The UK describes the claim as “Bulls-t… complete crap”.

But that’s not the only claim that the actor worked out on set. Murray allegedly threw an ashtray at Richard He-Dreyfuss during a 1991 filming. About BobAdditionally, during the making of the 1993 film marmot dayhe’s been accused of pushing director Harold Ramis — who’s also his co-star Ghost Busters — to the wall in the middle of a heated conversation.

“On the first day of shooting Ghost Bustersand he put Sigourney Weaver on his shoulders [for no apparent reason]Gavin Edwards, author of Bill Murray WaySaid post“She was a good sport, but it showed Murray’s dark side.

Seth Green recently recalled on a YouTube show good morning myth How Murray took issue with him sitting on the arm of the couch backstage. saturday night liveIn response, Murray grabbed the then nine-year-old Green’s ankles and dangled him in a trash can before dropping him.

Green remembers that the trash can he was in fell over.

Other times, the behavior is purely insulting. Angelica Huston is New York magazine in progress Life Aquatic by Steve Zissureleased in 2004, Murray said, “I invited the whole cast to dinner, except me… he was just like me.

in her new book death of courtesyWhen Geena Davis first met Murray, who co-starred in the 1990 film, quick changehe coerced her into using a massage device on her back while she was in bed in a hotel suite.

Davis writes that she easily acquiesced — and regretted it.

Davis also recently said vanity fair about how Murray “rips” someone off on set after yelling at her. “He figured he had to hit someone to make sure they ‘act,'” she said.

Male crew at the shooting site king pinfrom 1996, I remember a scene where the Murray and Woody Harrelson characters competed in a bowling match in front of a crowd of about 300 extras. was to give

“Extras yelled for a T-shirt,” said the crew member. post, recalls giving the extras special shirts to commemorate the movie. “Bill turned to Woody and said he should buy a T-shirt.

“Woody or Bill grabbed me and Bill took my shirt off in front of everyone. Then he threw it into the crowd. I don’t think I would find it funny if they did that to me now that I’ve become.”

A Harrelson spokeswoman didn’t respond to a request for comment.

the source told post The public sometimes becomes so obsessed with Murray that they don’t even realize his behavior is bad.

“Many of these moments have an undercurrent of animosity, which he believes is designed to pull people out of their ruts and wake them up,” said author Edwards. post.

Murray sneakily stealing French fries is one thing, as happened to tourists in Times Square and Martha’s Vineyard. It’s another thing for him to grab your phone and throw it off the rooftop, as he did to a fan who was taking pictures of him at a restaurant in Carmel, Calif., in 2016.

“If you find him on a bad day, he’s hostile. But he gets a lot done thanks to the reputation he’s built for himself,” Edwards said. post“I interviewed someone who was there when Bill started a snowball fight with a bunch of people.

“He nailed this guy with a snowball, and the guy was furious — until he realized it was from Bill. Then he thought it was funny.”

However, that acceptance may have created a monster. “Every time your dog shit in your house, you gave him a treat,” a producer source said.

“Psychologically,” the producer added of Murray. “He’s all ID.”

Regarding the recent incident, Murray told CNBC that he had a “disagreement” with a woman who tried to kiss him on set. He described the fallout as “a very educational experience”, adding that “the world is different than it was when I was a kid.”

Producers explained Murray’s on-set pecking order. “He doesn’t seem to recognize a man on set except someone who can take him to a better golf course.” shook me off like

Producers believe the actor could change how his recent bad behavior will affect Murray’s future behavior.

“If he really repents and people think this will never happen again, he’ll be hired,” the producer said. may struggle with

This article originally appeared in the New York Post and is reprinted here with permission.

first published as ‘Hostile’: Bill Murray always behaved appallingly

Bill Murray Claims: Seth Green’s Trash, Lucy Liu and Being Mortal Set Claims

Source link Bill Murray Claims: Seth Green’s Trash, Lucy Liu and Being Mortal Set Claims

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