Block teams battle over budget issues with two weeks left

Tensions are mounting on the block over Sharon and Uncle’s supposed “budget cuts” as the team grapples with dwindling funding in the final two weeks.

With $25,000 to play this week, a hut to complete and a deal to pay, the stress level is high and Jenny and Rachel in House 2 Aiming for Sharon and Uncool Oz and Omar.

Ultimately, the strained body companies questioned how all five teams were supposed to present the room with such tough purse strings and decided against Foreman’s Keith. watch.

During a walkthrough of the house, the team is impressed by Sharon and Uncle’s installation of a giant mirror in the redo room Despite being “cut off” from spending by block Host Scott Kam.

“You get lost here, too. No money, apparently no money, so where did that mirror come from?” Rachel said, looking at their living room.

Elsewhere, she added to producers: , when there seem to be other rules going on in other houses.

Jenny repeated: I don’t want them to finish, but if it’s fair, whatever they spent, I think they could have spent 50, 80,000 and still provide a room like they did.

Jenny was particularly upset considering she and her fiancé Dylan were both tradies and did a lot of the work themselves.

“I’m confused that everyone’s doing things without a budget,” she says, referring to Sharon and Uncle, who watch Scotty dock monthly budgets to pay off $53,000 in debt. He said while confronting him about the arrangement.

Sharon and Ankur were shaken by the friction, reminding others of Oz and Omar’s extravagant list.

Addressing the boys, Jenny admitted she was “thrilled” with the information.

“Hey, how do you make money with all that you do?” she asked.

“We’re upset that we can’t do anything,” she said angrily.

“We are working hard every day to push our budget forward, but I don’t know how others are doing it.”

“We work as hard as you guys,” Oz replied, but Jenny disagreed.

“No, but you’re not. You guys always feel like you’re driving.”

Surprised, Oz retorted.

“Every part of the demo that happened in our house, Oz and I did it,” Omar weighed in.

“You don’t have to do much during the day when Chippy is doing it.”

“Dill and I have done a lot of nasty work, but we’re still in a pile of losses,” Jenny argued, revealing that all five teams are practically in debt. I got

“We’re still in the red. Everyone’s in the red,” Omar revealed, while Oz said, “Considering that we have to split the prize money, we’re making bigger sacrifices.

“You have to understand that me and Omar have sacrificed more than you guys. You guys don’t split the money, we split the money. , he will take half to his family.”

Laughing at how quickly things escalated, Jenny joked: We are all like a pack of hyenas.

“I’m about to headbutt someone,” she laughed to the producer.

Contestants’ concerns fell on deaf ears when the money issue was brought to a company meeting, and foreman Keith stood firm on a budget of $25,000 for the week.

When the team shook their heads and groaned that meetings were a waste of time, I said, “Maybe you’re doing too much outrageous with your design.

As the end draws to a close, all five facilities still need landscaping, raising questions about whether they can afford to finish.

The Block continues Tuesday night at 7.30 on Channel 9

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Block teams battle over budget issues with two weeks left

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