Blue Connections improves The Dempsey Group’s security posture

The Dempsey Group selected Blue Connections to provide Fortinet network security solutions to refresh its aging network infrastructure and improve its security posture.

The Dempsey Group was founded in 1960 by Jonathan Dempsey. This organization expanded to include the Bed Bath N Table brand and Domestic Textiles Corporation.

The first Bed Bath N Table store opened in Dandenong, Victoria in 1975 and the brand has grown to over 180 stores in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

During a survey of the current network, The Dempsey Group discovered that security, primarily around store routers, is outdated and nearing end of life (EOL).

Unverified use of EOL technology poses a significant security threat as vendors stop providing technical support and issuing security patches. Cybercriminals actively target and exploit unpatched vulnerabilities in software and operating systems to gain access to business networks and customer data. This created a potential risk that The Dempsey Group must avoid.

said Lui Di Sarno, IT Operations Manager at The Dempsey Group. The Dempsey Group chose Blue Connections because of its long-standing relationship with Blue Connections, its reputation as a best-in-class IT solutions provider, and its global leader in a broad range of integrated, automated cybersecurity solutions. Thanks to our strong partnership with Fortinet. “

Lui Di Sarno continues: It was a hard cutoff date for his EOL for the router, but Blue Connections exceeded expectations and was able to complete the project within four months.

“With the current solution, The Dempsey Group has better visibility and centralized control, allowing us to push updates on the fly and having more control.”

Paul Wilson, Networks, Security and Comms practice manager at Blue Connections, said: At the same time, the network did not use the latest firewall security prevention technology, leaving the company exposed to the threat of multiple attacks.

“As a proud Fortinet regional partner, Blue Connections knew that Fortinet’s FortiGate next-generation firewall would be a great solution for The Dempsey Group. It provided comprehensive enterprise-class network security in a compact desktop form.Use nbn.

Fortinet’s FortiGate includes a built-in Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) modem and also supports 3G/4G connectivity via an external third-party USB modem.

Protect against cyberthreats with system-on-chip acceleration and industry-leading secure software-defined wide area networks (SD-WAN) in a simple solution.

Dempsey Group is now protected against known exploits, malware, malicious websites, and zero-day attacks with Fortinet’s Unified Threat Protection (UTP) bundle subscription. The company says it learns artificial intelligence (AI) to identify, classify and investigate advanced threats within seconds.

The Dempsey Group will also deploy Fortinet’s FortiEDR, which uses machine learning to automate endpoint protection against advanced threats, with real-time, orchestrated incident response capabilities to reduce network, You now have more control over user and host behavior.

Mr Wilson said: Dempsey Group is now well positioned for the future with years of proven technology that provides the broad, powerful and automated protection needed across its environments today. “

Fortinet Channel Director Tim Fitzgerald said:

“The deployment was very well managed by Blue Connections. Our shared commitment to ensuring our customers receive the best solution to meet their needs remains our priority now and in the future.” ”

Blue Connections improves The Dempsey Group’s security posture

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