Boris Johnson makes Sir Michael Hintze a fellow in the House of Lords

Alexander Downer, Australia’s former Minister of Foreign Affairs and High Commissioner for London from 2014 to 2018, describes Hintze as a “brilliant spirit” who “will go down in history as one of our great patrons”. .


With many recipients being donors and political allies, the aristocracy has become an increasingly controversial figure in British politics, attracting accusations of nepotism.

Historically, most lords were hereditary nobles, with a few other nobles appointed to their homes during their lifetimes. Changes to the law in 1958 allowed for the creation of more life peers, and also gave the Prime Minister powers to bring unelected individuals into government.

Both government and opposition parties can be appointed to the House of Lords. All nominated colleagues must go through a standard appointment process. To be eligible, candidates must be citizens of the United Kingdom, Ireland or the Commonwealth of Nations, and generally reside in the United Kingdom, including for tax purposes.

Like the Australian Senate, the House of Lords is the second house of the British Parliament. We work with the House of Representatives to check laws, challenge government actions, and provide a forum for independent experts. However, unlike the Senate, its members are not democratically elected.

Born in pre-communist China, Hintze’s family arrived in Australia as stateless refugees after their grandparents fled Russia during the Bolshevik Revolution.

After her parents divorced, Hintze was raised in Sydney by her Russian-speaking mother and attended St Leo’s Catholic College in Wahroonga. He studied physics and engineering at the University of Sydney before joining the army.

He moved to the United States and worked at Solomon Brothers, Goldman Sachs and Credit Suisse First Boston before founding CQS in 1999.

The success of Hintze, which included limiting investment losses during the financial crisis and turning in big profits afterward, helped him become one of the richest financiers in the UK.

Hintze was a devoted Catholic, and his donation helped the Vatican restore Michelangelo’s frescoes in the Pauline Chapel. He is a director of the Vatican Bank.


Only a handful of Australians have run for the House of Lords, first former Prime Minister Stanley Bruce and later Viscount Bruce of Melbourne.

Baroness Trixie Gardner of Southgate and Parks, a former Conservative activist and MP, was granted a title of nobility in 1981.

Manor Gate’s Sydney-born Baroness Natalie Bennett is a former leader of the British Green Party and is one of only two Greens in the House of Lords to receive a title of nobility in 2019.

Pia is supposed to adopt a place name within the UK as part of her title, but if she was born abroad she can also add a foreign name. .

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Boris Johnson makes Sir Michael Hintze a fellow in the House of Lords

Source link Boris Johnson makes Sir Michael Hintze a fellow in the House of Lords

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