Brent v Daniel, Jackson v Sam: MAFS Stars’ Bloody Boxing Battle | James Weir Recap

Veneers shattered, silicone face fillers splattered on the floor, and last night in Melbourne, a city usually famous for its culture, a once-married thug entered the boxing ring and made a fuss.

A rowdy crowd of over 1,500 gathered to cheer for Fight at First Sight, mostly booing. jackson ronnie When Daniel Holmes – villains from This year’s season of the controversial Channel 9 reality show – followed by the main event of Brent Vitiello and Sam Carraro.

Old-time MAFS contestants sat ringside at a table purchased for $3,500 and smoked free liquor during a scene reminiscent of the show’s weekly drunken dinner parties. It was love at first sight after dark – where things got messy… As Muhammad Ali famously said, it must float like a butterfly and sting like a botox injection.

“Honestly, I want to see everyone punched in the face tonight.” MAFSMore alum Sarah Rosa said. She was sitting ringside and had just finished FaceTiming her Underworld figure, Mick Gatto.

“We’re in this reality TV madness maelstrom and I think anything can happen. The last time they had one of these MAFSMore The fight was more drama outside the ring than inside. Sam punched someone across the table. ”

life as Marriage at first sight Contestants are like living in a Carnival Fun House version of the Marvel Universe. Sitting at one table was Olivia Fraser ( Boxing challenger Jackson’s controversial ex-wife) and the other fighter of the night, Carolina married to Daniel. Also at the table was Danielle’s first wife on the show, Jessica, who dumped him a day or two after her wedding. Seeing them all together was like watching Deadpool, Spider-Man, and Hulk hanging out in an airport lounge.

Other MAFS ghosts haunting the arena included Cody. I wasn’t attracted to matching Asian women) and Tamara (the girl who said she would never date anyone who works in retail). Former contestant and eternal toddler Al promised her Perkins limping and shoey.

The show’s 2021 villains, Bryce Ruthven and Melissa Lawson, arrived late and sat on opposite sides of the ring.

“I try to keep a low profile,” Melissa admitted. She said, “I’m staying away from all the drama that’s going on tonight. I heard there was a bit of a hunch among the girls.”

She said there was an issue between Tamara and one of the other women.

Maybe the differences can be sorted out with rings?

“I worry about all the MAFS girls who have breast implants,” thought Sarah Rosa. “It’s going to explode. Punch her lip and the filler will squirt out of her ear.”

Frankly, the boys faced similar risks. But at least their damaged veneers could be tended in no time.

Dr. Dee – a famous dentist who frequently undertakes Marriage at first sight Replacing contestants with fake teeth as clients – was a major sponsor of boxing matches. First straighten your teeth, then help punch them out so they can be straightened again. And then the wheels turn.

Near midnight, the Beyoncé-class stage lights illuminating the boxing ring dimmed. A packed house of punters began to cheer in anticipation of the showdown.

“We love trash TV, and here’s the motherfucker we saw on TV,” said punter Ashley Mackenzie, 27.

“I really want to see Sam smash Jackson. Last time I saw Sam fight, he fought a fucking giant. Honestly I thought Sam was fat – he looks like fat But he came out here and he smashed the f**k out of this guy.Jackson is here for an upset.”

Sam walked the runway first into the ring, followed by Jackson into The Lonely Island song “I Just Had Sex.”

Ding, Ding, Ding! The bell rang and the first round was underway.

“Come on, Jackson! Blow these bastards!

The round of 1 minute and 30 seconds ended without a big hit. Just dip and dive. The same was true for the second round. In the third, Jackson landed a punch around 30 seconds before Sam fell to the mat. It wasn’t particularly difficult. Still, the crowd went wild.

“Don’t be silly, Sam! Damn! Clever ass **t!” cried the grown man.

“That was a clean KO,” said a commentator of Jackson’s knockout win.

But these boys were just a warm-up act.The main event is Brent and Daniel, who seem to hate each other from this year’s MAFS season.

Antoni Topic, the promoter of the event and co-founder of Team Ellis Boxing, said they were the final opponents.

“The main thing to have a good match is to have beef behind it, a little bit of history,” he said.

His dream celebrity contestant? “Maybe like Curtis Stone,” he said of the hilarious celebrity chef who appeared in the Coles ad.

Boos echoed around the pavilion as Daniel ran down the runway and into the ring.

A bell rang and the boys began to circle each other. There were swings and soft swipes. duck and dive. Most of the time they just exchanged smoldering expressions.

“Are they going to kiss?” One punter furrowed his brow.

Round 1 ended with a little drama. Brent somehow cut out his black eyes and bloodied face from a headbutt that no one has actually seen.The only major thing that packs a punch is a surprise cameo from Brent’s ex-wife Tamara. was..

Round 3 action did not increase. The bell rings and the game is over. After deliberation, the judges declared Daniel the winner.

“Doubt me now! Doubt me now! Doubt me now! The champ shouted into the microphone as the crowd booed.”

Brent went backstage to lick his wounds. The deep scent of her heat and wounded ego was in the air.

Did Brent see the stars when his ex Tamara entered the ring to troll him?

“There’s nothing a girl doesn’t do for attention,” he said, wiping the blood off the wounds on his crying face.

In fact, some people will do anything for attention.

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Brent v Daniel, Jackson v Sam: MAFS Stars’ Bloody Boxing Battle | James Weir Recap

Source link Brent v Daniel, Jackson v Sam: MAFS Stars’ Bloody Boxing Battle | James Weir Recap

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