British pilots training China Air Force accused of ‘morally rebellious’


SATFA has been contacted for comment.

When asked if the pilots in question were “anti-British”, Heappey said that in some instances the pilots did not know exactly who they were training.

“What we heard was they weren’t clear,” he said.

“Many of them entered into these arrangements in good faith, but many unwittingly gave honest answers.

“The companies involved don’t say ‘People’s Liberation Army Air Force Academy’, they use a slightly more euphemistic name.


“When we told them what we believed the consequences of their actions would be, most were concerned with reassurance that they were not divulging secrets.

“We want our pilots and key people familiar with some of our most sensitive capabilities to work for the foreign powers we consider to be competitors. and, in some cases, challenge British interests,” Heappey said.

A Defense Ministry spokesman said Britain was acting to stop a Chinese headhunting attempt and a former Royal Air Force pilot.

“While we are considering the use of non-disclosure and non-disclosure agreements across our defense, the new national security bill creates additional tools to address modern security challenges, including this ‘ said the spokesperson.

Philip Ingram, a former senior British military intelligence officer whom China has previously tried to recruit, said any pilot who arrived in China would have immediately understood who they were working for.

“I’m fed up,” he said sydney morning herald When era. “Of course they know who they’re training.”

“It is morally rebellious for the prime minister and secretary of state to call China the greatest threat. It is morally wrong on all levels.”

He said it was almost certain that classified information would be revealed.

“It is almost certain that these pilots leaked classified information,” he said.

“In a situation like this, it becomes a military issue, so the capabilities of aircraft and weapon systems are almost always the topic of conversation, whether official or at a subsequent social event.

“The Chinese would have tried every possible tactic to endanger and exploit individuals.

“It is almost certain that some of these individuals were compromised where they worked or worked for Chinese intelligence,” he said.

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British pilots training China Air Force accused of ‘morally rebellious’

Source link British pilots training China Air Force accused of ‘morally rebellious’

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