Channel 10’s The Challenge Releases First Promo Ahead of November Premiere

former MAFSMore In the case of Channel 10’s latest promo, the contestants seem to be bringing drama to the new network. challenge Nothing passes by.

Caught in the infamous 2019 wine fight of Channel 9’s controversial social experiment, Cyrel Paul is just one familiar face in reality TV’s star-filled cast. challenge, Today we released our first promo.

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Filmed in Argentina earlier this year, the show also stars Brooke Bullerton, Brittany Hockley, Ciaran Stott, Emily Seabaum, and more.

It’s also the show Megan Marx and Abby Chatfield’s ex Conrad Bien allegedly hooked up with just before news of their breakup came out.

In the promo, a steamy spa scene suggests viewers will see the fling done to themselves.

Awkwardly, Brooke Bullerton’s season bachelorette Conrad comes first and seems to have it all figured out.

Elsewhere in the promo, podcast host Brittany Hockley appears to be stepping into a clash with an unseen contestant, while Cyrel Paul is seen hurling taunts over wine. You can see

In this competition, contestants are randomly paired and go head-to-head in a physical contest to win the challenge and eliminate their opponents to ultimately emerge victorious. $200,000 prize.

“Celebrities” assemble in full force dropped in septemberTen mercilessly mocked who would compete.

Touting a list of cast members as “Australia’s hottest celebrities” was met with some ridicule given that most of the many “stars” on offer are former reality TV contestants. I got

“I’m incredibly proud to say I can’t name one person out there,” said one murmured In response to Ten’s announcement.

“Reported to ACCC for false advertising…Some of these ‘celebrities’ have fewer followers than my old account. ” another person said.

“I literally know the sum of these people is zero. Did you run AI to generate these images?” another question of the cast lineup.

“Australia’s hottest celebrity? Who are 95% of these people,” another person tweeted.
The show is a proven international format that has aired in other countries for 38 seasons.

Channel 10’s The Challenge Releases First Promo Ahead of November Premiere

Source link Channel 10’s The Challenge Releases First Promo Ahead of November Premiere

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