Coach says child abuse is a ‘disgusting’ allegation

A distressed Sydney swim coach fell to the ground, accusing him of “disgusting” child abuse allegations made against him on the day of his arrest, jurors said.

In September 2019, police arrived at the home of Paul Douglas Frost and arrested him on suspicion of sexually abusing 11 students at a swimming school in southwest Sydney between 1996 and 2009.

“The police were there. This was Paul Frost’s most vulnerable and unprepared moment,” said defense attorney Ian Neal SC as he closed the filing in Downing Center District Court on Tuesday.

The evidence given in court by police officers present that day was that Frost, now 46, fell to the ground in agony after uttering the words “I hate that.”

Mr. Neal told the jury that his client provided this account of the alleged events, including lewdly assaulting a child, inducing a child to commit lewd acts, and exposing a child to lewd material. He said he maintained it consistently.

“People don’t usually say what Paul Frost is alleged to have said. They don’t usually do things that Paul Frost is alleged to have done. Paul Frost said spontaneously Like, they’re disgusting, they’re disgusting. The moment they’re arrested.”

The trial attorney said the swim coach’s response was honest and sincere, and that the allegation and its subject matter were “disgusting.”

Frost was a good-natured man who worked hard with his parents and wife to build the family business and taught thousands of children at swimming schools.

“Of the thousands of children and young people Paul Frost has worked with over the decades, only 11 have now filed complaints,” Neil said.

Frost also waived his right to remain silent, opting for four days of cross-examination and denied all allegations brought against him, the jury said.

“There’s only one reason why he did all that, just one, and it’s you, the jury sees him for himself and hears him and tells you he didn’t do (these) horrible and terrible things. It’s about being able to see and hear,” said Neill.

The royal family’s allegations that 10 male and one female students were abused at swimming school contradicted evidence presented by other students, parents and coaches, the jury said.

Despite seeming coherence on the surface, Neal said jurors could see the royal story unravel just by checking the facts.

The barrister told the court, “The existence, the mere existence, of these various testimonies … would like to suggest strong grounds for doubting the guilt of Paul Frost.”

Hearings continue.

Coach says child abuse is a ‘disgusting’ allegation

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