Council oversight bodies must be removed if they do not implement reforms: LGAQ

An OIA spokeswoman said Florian would not respond to Jamison’s comments.

The OIA was under attack from LGAQ due to an investigation into Barcaldine Mayor Sean Dillon, who expressed concern about the deployment of COVID-19 vaccinations in the community.

At a council meeting, Dillon wondered whether local hospitals and medical services would be able to adequately vaccinate his community within the mandated timeframe, given the distances involved. ing.

“The Dillon case was supposed to be a minor issue handled in a more timely, cost-effective, and non-adversarial manner, but it was escalated by all stakeholders involved,” the Commission said. discovered.

“…it is clear to the Commission that all stakeholders believe that measures to restrict the possible exercise of political freedom of speech go far beyond the intent of the plan.”

Jamieson said the right of elected representatives to express their political views must be protected, and was pleased with the commission’s findings to that effect.

“Mayors and city council members should not fear being reprimanded, punished, or irreparably damaged for their reputations for speaking out on issues of importance to their communities,” he said. I was.

“…we put beyond doubt the ability of mayors and aldermen to exercise their implied right to freedom of political expression, to speak on behalf of their communities, and use our complaints system. We strongly welcome any recommendations to bring new crimes to the people: a political weapon.”

The OIA also Scrutinized for demanding Scenic Lim journalists to surrender notes and recordings of interviews with councilorsare threatened with hefty fines.

parliamentary committee report, submitted on fridayfound that such cases led to the OIA’s accusations of “going too far.”

“The Commission understands why the OIA needs investigative powers. The OIA outlines that the previous system did not have investigative powers and that insufficient evidence led to low levels of prosecution. Indeed, the OIA staff’s skill and experience in the field of investigation is a source of OIA’s strength,” the Commission found.

“However, the Commission believes that some OIA decisions, and the language used by the OIA, tend to emphasize investigations and prosecutions rather than the behavioral management aspects of the Trustees’ Complaint System. ”

An OIA spokeswoman welcomed the Commission’s recommendation to increase staffing given the overstaffing.

She said the office is set to handle 160 complaints a year. This is a milestone achieved in just 11 days.

“There is evidence that some councilors are abusing the system and over-hogging OIA resources,” she said.

“In the last six months, only five city councils accounted for 83% of ‘councilor to councilor’ complaints.”

Council oversight bodies must be removed if they do not implement reforms: LGAQ

Source link Council oversight bodies must be removed if they do not implement reforms: LGAQ

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