Crypto King Founder Fred Chevesta’s Penthouse Sale Is a “Tragedy”

Fred Chevesta is tragically selling Tamarama’s penthouse. Photo: Jane Dempster/The Australian.

Fred Chevesta, Australia’s most colorful cryptocurrency spruker, has certainly missed the real estate market boom, with his Tamarama penthouse relisted at a steep discount on November 12th.

It doesn’t even seem to be listed with PPD agent Alexander Phillips (pictured).

crowned phillips Top Sales Agent in NSW for FY22offers buyer guidance of $4.5 million, down $1 million from estimates made just two months ago.

The price guide for the Tamarama Penthouse has crashed.

The founder actually thought his investment was worth over $7 million.

“It’s a tragedy to sell it, but bitcoin is just calling me too much.” he said suddenly We will be back in June.

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By July, the tech mogul had Raine & Horne on the market Wonderland Avenue Apartment At a forecast of $6.5 million, guidance for the 155-square-meter space dropped to $5.8 million, dropping to $5.5 million by late August.

Schebesta is still in positive territory, as the price of a 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom penthouse with pool reached $3.9 million in December 2017.

Buyers may get a bargain.

Schbesta could still make a small profit on the pads.

Shevesta holds His South Coogee residence cost a record $16.85 million last year.

The 2003 house, designed by Renato D’Ettorre Architects, is now called “The Crypto Castle.” The oceanfront home regularly fetches about $25,000 a night through Airbnb.

A global cryptocurrency educator and enabler, he first invested in Bitcoin in 2017 when it was just $4000. Bitcoin is currently hovering around $19,000, well below its peak of $67,500 last November.

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Unlivable shipwreck among Sydney’s only homes to buy

2022 just saw the most costly price decline known when Bitcoin entrepreneur James Manning and his wife Louise sold their home in Woollahra on Friday.

The price wasn’t disclosed, but it was reportedly $15.5 million, down $500,000 from last July’s $16 million boom purchase.

Of course, there was also the $1 million stamp duty.

It’s time to buy for summer.

It boasts a great area and sea views.

The Packer family sold their Rosemont Avenue home to Henry Holmes boss Rob Bowen and his partner Skye Holden for $8.37 million in 2018.

Highlighting the volatility of the market is that when Manning settled into the house last September, shares of Nasdaq-listed bitcoin miner Mawson Infrastructure were as high as $16.49.

But this week, it closed 15% lower at 41 cents in Friday trading alone.

The couple own another home in Woollahra and a property in Palm Beach. The buyer is expected to appear as property developer Nabil Ghazal Jr. and his wife Talijah.

Just minutes from the sandy beach.

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Crypto King Founder Fred Chevesta’s Penthouse Sale Is a “Tragedy”

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