Dan Murphy’s owner fights hard against cyber threats

The owner of beverage giant Dan Murphy’s has doubled down on cybersecurity efforts after a major retailer and telecom brand was hit by a data breach, and the company’s chairman said the Australian company had It admits that it is “under cyberattack”.

At the company’s annual meeting on Tuesday, investors praised the growth of Endeavor Group’s digital footprint, but also asked how it keeps its customers secure.

The company’s “My Dan’s” membership program grew from 4.5 million users to 4.7 million in the first quarter of 2023, and online sales grew 17% to reach $1 billion in fiscal 2022. did. Hackers regularly target retailers and their loyalty programs because they keep many of their customers’ financial and personal information in one place.

Dan Murphy’s owner, the Endeavor Group, is increasingly focused on its digital footprint.

“We are very vigilant about the evolving threat of potential cyber-attacks and at last Friday’s board meeting, we decided exactly where we are in light of the recent breach that occurred with Optus. We spent a lot of time educating, most recently on one of Woolies’ platforms,” ​​said Peter Heurl, chairman of Endeavor.

Woolworths said on Friday that a breach of MyDeal, the online retail marketplace Woolworths acquired earlier this year, exposed some customer data. The data included names, phone numbers, email addresses and dates of birth. Woolworths said MyDeal has reached out to about 2.2 million customers who may have been affected.


of Optus data breach Nearly 10 million Australians were affected when cyberattacks last month exposed data such as passport and driver’s license numbers. The country’s privacy and telecommunications watchdog is investigating the telecommunications giant and could face a class action lawsuit from customers.

Haar said investing in security is important at a time when Australian businesses were under constant threat of attack.

“I think it’s no secret that large Australian organizations are constantly being attacked by cyberattacks,” he said.

Dan Murphy’s owner fights hard against cyber threats

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