Eddie Murphy was deemed the ‘most rude’ celebrity by former paparazzi

Former paparazzi-turned-Geelong mayor Darin Lyons has spilled out about his encounters with various Hollywood celebrities, revealing the “most rude” A-lister he’s met.

The 57-year-old Australian photographer ran the celebrity photography business Big Pictures in London in the 90s and 2000s. i have news for you Eddie Murphy Was One of the Worst Podcasts [celebrities] I’ve met “

“I loved him in all his movies and it really killed me too…he was incredibly rude. Extremely disrespectful,” Lyons told host Andrew Backrow.

Elsewhere, he unsurprisingly branded Mariah Carey as “the greatest diva,” Elton John had the “worst temper,” and Robbie Williams, the “most generous.” did.

One of the feats that set Lyons apart was his casual conversations with former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham. He shared some pretty spicy details about his intimate moment with football superstar David Beckham.

“I remember Victoria Beckham coming up to me at a very famous hotel in London and approaching me and Brian Morrison, who was George Michael’s manager. [at the time]and she came over and said, “I was watching you on Sky News this morning showering with David on our new shower TV screen.”

And some of his most memorable days at work were chasing the late Michael Jackson when the King of Pop visited London.

“Jacko was fun…he took me on a goose chase around London in the middle of the night on his scooter,” Lyons said.

“MJ Watch was a killer. Whether he was in London for a week or 10 days, he couldn’t sleep.

“[We’d] enter the dorchester [where Jackson was staying] And there was an orangutan sitting in a piano bar… a strange, strange, but hilarious story.

The Lions have now stepped out of the paparazzi game and run a series of galleries called “Lions Galleries” across the country.

The gallery sells a variety of pop and fine art, featuring artists such as Andy Warhol, Banksy, Helmut Newton, Terry O’Neill, and Douglas Kirkland.

“Art is a very safe way to hold money for very high returns,” says Lyons. “I think we’re going to move in from now on, especially in bad times.”

first published as Former Celebrity Paparazzi Reveal Top Actor Was ‘Most Rude’ A-lister

Eddie Murphy was deemed the ‘most rude’ celebrity by former paparazzi

Source link Eddie Murphy was deemed the ‘most rude’ celebrity by former paparazzi

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