Evacuation warnings continue as flood waters continue to rise

thousands of inhabitants Victoria’s Northerners are fleeing their homes or trying to defend their homes as a threat to the state. flood The crisis escalates and water levels rise rapidly.

Despite clear skies, heavy flooding earlier in the week continues to cause river levels to rise, with floodwaters threatening thousands of homes north of Melbourne.

Dozens of safety and emergency alerts have been issued statewide.

People in the town of Charlton in northwestern Victoria have been told to evacuate the area immediately at lunchtime. Massive flooding peaked today and is expected to continue until Monday.

Floods are rising in Charlton, northwestern Victoria. (Nine)

“The duration of the event is likely to be three to five days,” warns Vic Emergency.

The evacuation warning is expected to continue until 10:00 am tomorrow.

A relief center has been opened at Wycheproof P-12 College so that Charlton residents and their pets can evacuate for the time being.

People in Echuca were sent a text message this morning instructing them to leave by noon.

Earlier, residents of Shepperton, Moorupuna, Olbert and Kiara West were told it was too late to leave their area after a major flood warning was issued overnight regarding rising Goulburn River waters.

“Extensive flooding is currently occurring in Shepperton with the potential for large peaks of around 12.2 meters early Monday morning, exceeding the 1974 flood level of 12.09 meters,” Vic Emergency said. said at 6:42 am.

People were seen canoeing through the Shepperton floods. (Nine)
Flooding has begun in Shepperton and is expected to continue until Monday. (Nine)

“This updated emergency alert supersedes the Emergency Evacuation Notice issued at 1:55 am.”

“Strong flooding continues in Shepperton on Sunday, with water levels likely to exceed 12.10m by 6pm Sunday, and could peak at around 12.20m early Monday.”

A power station in Moorupuna, not far from Shepperton, has been flooded, and residents are sharing aerial footage of a small version of the power station online.

Water levels in and around Shepperton have been rising all morning, claiming roads, playgrounds and flooded homes.

A Victorian resident has shared an aerial photo of the flooded Moorupuna Power Station. (Nine)
In Echuca, sandbags protect against flooding. (Nine)

More than 8,000 properties have already been affected by the floods, more than 160 people are in Shepperton relief centers, and more than 6,000 homes are without power, according to the Greater Shepparton City Council.

A large wall of sandbags has held back much of the Echuca flood, although flood levels are expected to continue to rise today.

A team of the Australian Defense Force is heading to town to protect it from rising water.

Walls of sandbags hold back flooding from flooded homes in Echuca. (Nine)
The flooded Campaspe River poses a major threat to housing in Echuca. (Nine)

Crews were seen adding more and more sandbags to the walls to keep them strong in the fight against the rising water.

The inhabitants of Echuca there prepare for a double hardship. At first it is flooded with water from the Kampaspe River, then in a few days the Murray River also flows.

ADF members and Echuca residents are struggling to stop the flood waters from rising further. (Nine)

Local resident Michael said today That everyone in town is very worried.

“We’ve had floods here before, but nothing like this,” he said.

“We are in a really critical situation.

“If the water goes over[the sandbag wall]God help us because the situation here is serious now.”

Michael, who lives in Echuca, said locals were very worried about rising flood waters. (Nine)

Some houses have already collapsed despite the preparation of sandbags.

A house in Echuca was seen submerged at least a foot high in the flood waters.

a resident said today They woke up to find that their home was flooded around 3 a.m. and water had started seeping through the garage and sandbag barriers.

Victoria’s emergency services chief warned Saturday that the state could experience “some of the largest displacements” in the state’s history in the coming days.

Prime Minister Daniel Andrews also warned that Victorian is far from “out of the woods”.

Victorians furiously build sandbags as flood crisis persists

Meanwhile, heavy flooding was still occurring along the Goulburn River in Seymour, peaking at 8.26 meters around 3am on Friday.

It is forecast to finally drop below the main flood level (7m) by Sunday morning.

Meanwhile, cleanup begins in the small town of Rochester, where everything went under water on Friday.

The recovery continues in Malivenon after hundreds of businesses were hit by floods on Friday.

The entire town of Rochester was flooded. (Nine)
The rain stopped and the weather turned dry over the weekend, weather zone It predicts another wet spell later in the week that could “wreak havoc” for “several days” along the east coast from Queensland to Tasmania.

“Another low and trough… will intensify over NT and SA early next week before settling in QLD, NSW, VIC and TAS for a few days,” they said.

Weather Zone Accumulated rainfall map for the week of weather events on October 16
Weatherzone predicts another wet spell later in the week that could “wreak havoc” for “several days” along the east coast from Queensland to Tasmania. (weather zone)

“Widespread drops of 20-40mm are expected, but localized drops of 100-150mm are possible in recently affected areas.

“Precipitation in the lead-up to this event can vary, but it is likely to be widespread, and it won’t take much to see rivers rise again.”

Many weather and flood warnings have been issued across New South Wales and Tasmania as recent rainfall runoff has raised river levels.

Evacuation warnings continue as flood waters continue to rise

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