Floods in Victoria: Thousands of homes will be flooded or blocked as flooding in some rivers peaks on Monday.Victoria

The closed Mickleham Quarantine Facility is being transformed into a flood recovery center amid Victoria’s worsening flood crisis, with thousands of homes expected to be flooded or blocked and several rivers to peak by Monday. It is not expected.

Nearly 6,000 facilities lost power on Sunday, and more than 9,000 people had already applied for emergency assistance.

About 120 schools and 100 early learning centers in Victoria are expected to remain closed on Monday, with the education sector planning to get students to attend schools as close as possible.

The Australian Defense Force is increasing its support for evacuation, sandbags and cleanup of devastated areas as the Albanian government expands the number of people covered by disaster compensation.

The announcement comes as emergency officials ordered residents of Charlton and Echuca to leave their homes immediately on Sunday, with up to 400 properties potentially affected.

Many residents of Shepparton, Oval, Murchison and Moorupuna were told it was too late to leave the community.

The Victorian Emergency Service said more than 7,300 homes and businesses in the Shepperton area could be affected by rising water levels, with about 2,500 of them potentially flooded. SES said 146 flood rescues were carried out in 24 hours, most of them in the Shepperton area.

Residents walk the flooded streets of Shepperton. Photo: Diego Fedel/EPA

Prime minister, Anthony Albanesetoured flood-affected areas with Prime Minister Daniel Andrews on Sunday, confirming the expansion of emergency aid.

A 13-week income replacement scheme, the Disaster Recovery Benefit, will be available to residents of 23 municipal districts. A one-time disaster recovery payment of $1,000 per adult and $400 per child will also be provided to those suffering severe property damage or injury in the Campaspe, Greater Shepperton, Maliveenon, Mitchell and Strathbogie areas It has been.

A 250-bed camp for displaced persons will be opened at the former Quarantine Facility in Mickleham. About 100 of her ADF personnel are also on their way to assist in the evacuation and transport of sandbags in the worst-hit areas.

“We are working across federal, state and local governments to ensure that all support is provided to these communities under enormous pressure,” Albanese told reporters. Told.

“Australians are united, helping each other, and we can once again see the best Australians in the worst of times.”

Shepperton has been hit by massive flooding, and the swollen Goulburn River is expected to continue rising through Sunday before peaking at 12.2 meters early Monday.

Anthony Albanese and Daniel Andrews examine the Floods in Victoria from above.
Anthony Albanese and Daniel Andrews observe the floods in Victoria from above

This was higher than the 1974 flood level of 12.09m, the weather department said.

Television footage showed a building in the middle of the town surrounded by a vast inland sea of ​​brown water and residents using sandbags to stop it.

Mr Andrews said the flood was different from other floods because the high precipitation inundated the catchment area and expected more rain.

“these are [river] Even if we recede from the highs, there will still be water in the communities and homes will remain uninhabitable for a long time,” he said.

According to Stephanie Turpin, the water level rose rapidly overnight, and her home south of Shepperton was surrounded by water but was not flooded.

“We’re pretty high and pretty safe,” she said on Sunday.Ms Turpin said police advised residents to evict early Saturday and Sunday, but she decided to stay and keep her property. Decided to keep it.

“There is no way to leave here now,” she said. “Communities are united and helping each other. People are giving sandbags to their neighbors.”

Some of the water rushed in, she said, flooding dozens of homes and cars.

“But people are making the most of it,” Turpin said. “They have canoes and floats. It doesn’t happen very often.”

Massive flooding peaked at Murchison where Goulburn reached heights of 12 meters. It also affects communities along the Avoca River to Charlton, where rising waterways on Sunday morning swelled him to 7.73 meters.

Charlton’s river could hit an 8-meter peak early Monday. The Wimmera River is also rising, and Horsham residents are warning of possible major flooding Monday through Tuesday.

Australian Defense Force vehicles drive through Shepperton's flood waters.
Australian Defense Force vehicles drive through Shepperton’s flood waters. Photo: Reuters

Major flood warnings have also been issued for the Broken River, Avoca River, Loddon River, Seven Creek and Castle Creek.

Echuca is expected to experience two peaks of flooding by Tuesday and two later in the week.

Residents of Nanneella, Fairy Dell, Koyuga, Kanyapella, Appin South and Kerang were advised to seek shelter as high up as possible.

More than 350 roads are estimated to remain closed in flood-affected areas, and about 6,000 facilities are without power.

of New South Walessome residents of Narrandera, on the Murrumbidgee River in the Riverina region, have been told to evacuate due to moderate flooding and warned they could be isolated if they stay after 6 p.m. .

The river’s main flood peak passed through Wagga Wagga, but further downstream, moderate flooding is expected at Darlington Point starting Thursday, passing a minor flood level at Baranard.

According to the BoM, major flooding from the Murrumbidgee River is not expected to reach the town of Hay until late October.

People in tourist parks and caravan parks in Moama, on the border with Victoria, were told to evacuate by 9am on Monday.

Heavy rains in Victoria are expected to affect towns along the Murray River, including Moama, from mid-week.

Major flood warnings have been issued for 11 rivers in New South Wales, and flooding could return to some areas despite a brief stoppage of rain.

Floods in Victoria: Thousands of homes will be flooded or blocked as flooding in some rivers peaks on Monday.Victoria

Source link Floods in Victoria: Thousands of homes will be flooded or blocked as flooding in some rivers peaks on Monday.Victoria

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