Former top security inmate reveals what Ivan Milat was like behind bars

The former bank robber, who served time in a high-security prison alongside Ivan Milat, revealed what inmates thought of the notorious serial killer.

Former inmate Russell Manser, who now runs an advocacy and advocacy group, was jailed after robbing five banks and stealing $90,000 from a Commonwealth Bank branch in Lane Cove, Sydney, in the early 1990s. it was done.

23 years old, 15 years in prison.

He said that Milat’s short stature meant he was no threat in prison, and many young inmates at Maitland Prison shined upon him, “wanting to hear his full story.” It was revealed that

“Ivan Milat was no big deal,” Manser said on social media.

“He was about 5 feet 9 inches and probably 70 kg.

“He obviously didn’t pose a real threat to anyone.”

Manser said his mother was particularly upset when she spotted the backpacker’s killer and his handlebar mustache during a visit.

“My poor old mother…my mother was but the salt of the Earth woman. She said, ‘Ivan Milat.'”

“She said, ‘That guy is the devil,'” continued Manser.

Manser said Milat was never given special protection to protect himself from other prisoners.

“I didn’t talk to him much, but others did,” he said.

“Some young people were fascinated by him and wanted to hear all about him.”

Manser said he was more alarmed about Malcolm Baker, who killed six people and their unborn children in the 1992 Central Coast Massacre.

He said Baker was “pretty pathetic” but “can’t be trusted.”

“He had a really serious anger problem and would have stuck a knife in you from behind,” Manser said, adding that even the men incarcerated for the most heinous crimes are in their former shells in prison. claimed to have been

“With guns in their hands, they can be anything,” he said.

“But…it’s just a bare butt in the shower.”

Milat spent the last years of his life in near-constant pain after his body was riddled with cancer, but was given “care and comfort” in the last few weeks of his life.

Milat, 74, died on 27 October 2019 in a ward at Long Bay Correctional Center in Sydney.

He had been battling terminal stomach and esophageal cancer for almost a year and finally died at 4am that day.

For 25 years, Milat has become known for patrolling high-security prisons in New South Wales, causing armed riots and suffering from depression.

While the serial killer was serving seven life sentences for the murders of seven backpackers, Milat was involved in at least a dozen other unsolved murders.

He always maintained his innocence, refusing to confess to killing seven people the police could have convicted him of.

Milat was found guilty of killing backpackers over a four-year period and picking them up while hitchhiking before driving them to Belangro State Forest south of Sydney and killing them.

Milat was also convicted of kidnapping British tourist Paul Onions, who managed to escape from the serial killer’s car.

Former top security inmate reveals what Ivan Milat was like behind bars

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