Furious as crown boss plans to recreate Princess Diana’s death in Paris

Netflix’s royal drama The Crown has sparked further outrage by announcing plans to recreate Princess Diana’s final tragic moments in Paris.

The move was reported to have sparked backlash from the crew, who feared they had “crossed the line.” Sun.

That comes at a time when the show, now starring Australian actress Elizabeth Debicki as Diana, faces mounting outrage over its wild plot. queens death.

Producers have also been criticized for a scene that suggests it will air soon. Prince Philip was cheating with a girlfriend.

However, an even more graphic and harrowing scene is currently in production.

source from crown The set said, “It feels very uncomfortable to go back to Paris and turn Diana’s last days and hours into a drama.

“Finally, some of the crew are against the ideas submitted.

“The show has always tried to present a fictionalized version of royal history with as much sensitivity as possible.

“But these days, as things get more modern, it feels like it’s getting harder to find that balance.

“Some of those moments are still so fresh and upsetting that they feel like they’ve crossed a line.

“Some production staff are now starting to talk openly about their feelings.”

The scene focuses on Diana’s last ill-fated trip to Paris in 1997, covering the days and hours before and after. fatal car accident at Alma Tunnel.

A Netflix spokesperson said: Sun: “The exact moment of collision is not shown.”

king charles A spokesman declined to comment.

Sources close to Prince William said they expect him to be angry Netflix Go to recreate a mother’s last days for entertainment purposes.

Starring Dominic West, 53, as Charles, the blockbuster drama features new scenes in which the then-Prince turns against his late mother, suggesting she was too old and out of touch. has also faced criticism.

dramatist talks Sun: “Series 5 is a fictional dramatization, imagining what happened behind closed doors.”

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first published as The Crown sparks outrage with plans to recreate Princess Diana’s last tragic moments in Paris

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Furious as crown boss plans to recreate Princess Diana’s death in Paris

Source link Furious as crown boss plans to recreate Princess Diana’s death in Paris

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