GGWP Academy crowdfunding paves the way for gaming

good game play well (GGWP) Academy is an online learning platform that helps creators reach their full potential. Through courses and exclusive branded deals, users can learn how to monetize, market and grow their followers.

The GGWP Academy has launched an open funding round that is open to everyone. Investors of all sizes can own a part of this now global Australian-born company. We spoke to Jacqueline “Jax” Garrett for more insight.

What is GGWP Academy?

The platform was launched in 2018 after Jax’s son participated in a global esports competition. Her then-nine-year-old has appeared on national television, signed with two top-tier esports teams, and earned her over $15,000 in brand deals. And this was her first year as a content creator.

Jax’s knowledge of space helped his son win these deals. But through it all, Jax learned how fragmented and volatile the industry is. Many creators don’t understand how to monetize their brands, how to make deals, or how to talk to the media.

GGWP Academy co-founders John Keato (left), Jacqueline Garrett (middle) and Cathy Poor (right). Image: GGWP Academy.

GGWP Academy is changing all that. Users can create accounts and run learning modules. In this training, you’ll learn about personal branding, setting goals, managing social media, how to start streaming, collaborating, and more.

The platform also has trading based on the user’s XP. Content creators can increase their XP through training modules. After that, you can unlock gigs and brand deals. In this way, the platform not only educates content creators, but also helps them land their next deal.

Image: GGWP Academy.

How does it help?

GGWP Academy seems like the ideal platform for esports players and aspiring content creators. But does it actually work? We asked Tasman “Waz” Stoker for some insight into the platform as a player. Waz has been a fighting game player since 2017, participating in several tournaments and winning prizes.

When GGWP was released, Waz was one of the first companies to join. Since using the platform, Waz talks about increased opportunities and brand expression.

GGWP gave me a new opportunity to connect with brands and creators, get more involved in the community, and learn more about the business side of being a creator.

Tasman “Waz” Stoker

According to Waz, the platform offers a number of sponsorship opportunities that are “extremely useful” for busy content creators. According to Waz, the most valuable aspect of GGWP is that it “provides all the keys” to reach out to brands, creators, community his leaders and managers. According to Waz, this is the most important aspect of the esports industry, and GGWP gives aspiring creators the tools and networks to reach their goals.

GGWP does more than just talk. Their platform has gigs and collaborations with hundreds of brands including Logitech, Corsair, 2K Games, July and Electronic Arts.


Since launching GGWP Academy, Jax and the team have grown tremendously. She said this current phase of GGWP is actually “the next step.” This model is currently being tested, with approximately 1000 gigs offered to content creators each month. The focus over the next six months will be on the growth of international markets and the shift from a highly manual model to a more automated one.

There is also a mobile app so that content creators can sign deals on the go. Image: GGWP Academy.

That’s why Jax and the team turned to crowdfunding platform Equitise to help with the next phase of the GGWP Academy. She and the team wanted everyone to be able to own a piece of her GGWP. Starting at just AUD$120, fans can buy shares in her GGWP. Jax said the response so far has been overwhelming.

There were 650 expressions of interest prior to launch, of which 100 were personal supporters of Jax.

In addition to her fan base, Jax said parents of esports kids and former gamers are some of the early investors. She also added that she couldn’t pass by her group of friends and family, to whom Jax “couldn’t ask for anything more,” and was completely touched by the reaction from users as well. did.

Own part of the GGWP Academy

Australian citizens can own slices of GGWP from as little as AUD 120 up to AUD 10,000. Sophisticated investors have no limits. Non-Australian participants are welcome to participate, but must be sophisticated investors. Not only does he earn a portion of the GGWP when he invests, but he also receives benefits.

Users will receive a limited edition investor badge on their GGWP profile. There are also free memberships, investor products and the chance to represent your brand.

Image: GGWP Academy.

At the time of writing, GGWP Academy has raised A$391,800 and has just over a week left. The minimum goal was $350,040 AUD and the maximum was capped at $1.2 million AUD. Jax said A$500,000 would be enough to allow the team to really scale the platform.

If you are interested in investing in GGWP, equity site.

GGWP Academy crowdfunding paves the way for gaming

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