Ghislaine Maxwell reveals how inmate plotted to kill her in her sleep

Ghislaine Maxwell has revealed how a fellow inmate plotted to kill her while she was sleeping in a prison bed.

In his first post-conviction interview, Maxwell, 60, said he was in the infamous New York Metropolitan Detention Center after being arrested in July 2020.

she said: That’s true. happened. “

Maxwell Charged with seducing a 14-year-old girl She was abused by former lover and investor Jeffrey Epstein and was convicted last December on five counts, including trafficking of minors, and sentenced to 20 years in prison. Sun report.

Epstein was found dead in a prison cell while awaiting sex trafficking trial in 2019.

Maxwell adds: Tell everyone to do everything possible to avoid jail.

“Prison is not a safe place.

Her prison ordeal includes feeding maggots, rat-infested cells, lack of sleep, and extreme hunger.

Since July, she has been transferred to a low-security Florida prison. increase. This “cube” is so small that she takes turns standing up with her three companions.

she said: One day she was hungry, so I only ate petroleum jelly. ‘ She imagined it was mayonnaise, but she was still ‘very disgusting’.

Maxwell also noted that for two weeks starting June 24 of this year, prison bosses imposed hellish suicide watch on her as “punishment” for complaining about her filthy, rat-infested cell. You told me. She was given only a small portion of bread, cheese and baloney sausage.

Exposing the horror of that ordeal for the first time, she claimed: It has never crossed my mind in my life. They put me on suicide watch as punishment for my many complaints.

“First, they strip you of whatever shred of dignity you have. They leave you unclothed and in a suicide smock with Velcro straps. So what protects your humility?” is nothing.”

suicide watch

“They undress you and put you in a suicide smock with Velcro straps, so there is nothing to protect your humility.”

Her suicide watch room was at “subzero temperatures,” Maxwell said, losing more than a stone at the dreaded MDC.

“I mean, you’re literally frozen in neon lights. They don’t feed you. When you’re on suicide watch, you have no access to anything. Nothing in the room. No toothbrushes allowed.” No. You are not allowed to drink anything.

“When I wanted to go to the bathroom, they gave me two rolls of toilet paper. When they fed me, I was fed the same food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It was a piece of cheese.

“I’m vegetarian so I couldn’t eat the baloney. And the cheese had been removed from the plastic and had fingerprints on it. I didn’t have soap and I wasn’t allowed to take a shower.” And I always had two cameras.”

She repeatedly asked to be moved. Her lawyer said staff were spying on her 24/7 like she was the monster Hannibal Lecter in her movie.

Finally, almost three months ago, she was transferred to Tallahassee Federal Correctional Facility in Florida. From there, the following recorded interview took place.

Maxwell admitted he was treated better than Brooklyn, but claimed he had less freedom than in Brooklyn. That meant she spent most of her day locked up in her cell.

“It’s actually more restricted and shocking,” she said.

“We use code red here so no recreation and only 1 hour maximum. You can’t go outside. They don’t give it to you all the time. Otherwise, You must stay in a unit with a maximum capacity of 120 people.

“The only place you can sit is the bunk bed. I’m in a 126″ x 93” cube. And there are 4 people in that cube. You have about 2 feet to put your stuff on. I only have a small cupboard that is 3 feet wide.

“If this place gets out of Code Red, it will definitely improve. I have not experienced the gross violation of my rights that I experienced at MDC. But it’s still a prison.”

Tallahassee has been described as a “comfortable country club,” she said. You’re locked up the whole time, and if they let you out for an hour, there’s no communal area to gather, no chairs for everyone, no way to watch TV. When I arrived at , there were only two phones. ”

Despite the challenges, she’s clearly happier in Florida than in Brooklyn. said to Then they call the person taking the medicine. So they have to go out and get medicine. ”

Breakfast consists of milk, cereal and an apple at 6:20 am.

“You don’t have to see apples to be happy [again],” she said.

But she admits the food is “by a lot” better.

As we speak, Maxwell has just taken a job at the education center’s law library and starts work at 7:30 am. The library is about five feet square and has no computers or internet access, just an old manual typewriter. Inmates can email a small list of approved contacts.

Around 10:30 am I go to something called lunch, but nothing happens until I have to get up at 4:00 pm.

“Then I go get what’s called my main dinner and I eat for about 20 minutes. The lights go out around 10pm.”

prison is not safe

In her New York prison, the Modern Languages ​​graduate was sometimes allowed to do yoga and “teach English to Spanish women and Spanish to British women.”

In Florida, she teaches yoga and has offered to translate documents for non-English speakers. To support cancer charities and improve prison recycling records.

“Some women don’t leave their rooms, they just sit on their beds,” she said. “I’m sad about that, so from the concession stand she thought she could invite them to donate a dollar. [jail spending money] To the local Tallahassee Memorial Cancer Foundation. In return, they went outside and took a walk in the outside garden once. ”

She is also working with 11 other inmates to reduce their use of Styrofoam plates and plastic cutlery.

“If I do it right, I should be able to keep it from going to landfills, as I have done for 12 years with environmental projects. I have to help people in

“You don’t really understand how horrible it is until you get here. The imprisoned population is demonized. These people deserve a second chance to serve society.” .”

She added that while it’s clear she’s had it easier than before, “Prison is not a safe place.” I witnessed the

“There are people who work for the Bureau of Prisons who obviously shouldn’t be taking care of vulnerable people. But I have also met some excellent people who take their jobs very seriously.

“I can live and work here. As long as I’m not complicit in illegal activity in prison, I’ll probably be fine.”

Epstein was not. After a string of prison blunders came to light, the judge’s verdict of suicide by hanging was challenged.

“The Prison Service was unable to release the autopsy report, and we are told none of the cameras were working,” Maxwell said. “I heard that the guard was sleeping. I think it’s very suspicious that the death was unexplained.

“I have never been lied to so many times in that prison. It was, quite frankly, a culture of lies, a culture of disrespect that needed to be exposed.”

This article originally appeared on Sun Reprinted with permission

first published as ‘Kill Me While I’m Sleeping’: Prostitute and Epstein Associate Ghislaine Maxwell’s Murder Plot

Ghislaine Maxwell reveals how inmate plotted to kill her in her sleep

Source link Ghislaine Maxwell reveals how inmate plotted to kill her in her sleep

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