HIIT and Timed Eating Together: Health Benefits

TRE expert Professor Leonie Heilbronn of the University of Adelaide said this is one of the best TRE studies.

“The cohort was young and very healthy, so the fact that we saw differences in some of these results is good,” says Heilbronn, who was not involved in the study. In terms of volume, HIIT and TRE appear to be additive compared to TRE or HIIT alone.”

It is not yet clear whether these effects are the result of greater energy deficits when the two approaches are combined, or whether they are due to activating “various pathways leading to synergistic effects.”

Indeed, people tend to cut out after-dinner snacks and extra glasses of wine when doing TRE.

“These small, subtle changes actually make a huge difference, especially over eight weeks. It all adds up.”

According to research TREs lead to other health benefits that are unrelated to weight loss and reduced food intake.

This is because TREs appear to play into chronobiology (the normal daily fluctuations in hormones that coincide with meal times). This is important because it is notoriously difficult to do and remains a challenge for those treating people with weight-related health problems.


“Some of our subjects went on nine to thirteen different diets. [and] It didn’t work,” Hawley says. In this study, participants were given no instructions as to what they could or should not eat, and were told to eat within 10 hours. “

And you can choose when that window is started, there are a few Proposed research A window that starts and ends earlier (around 7pm) may be more effective and keep blood sugar levels low at night.

TRE has great potential, says Hawley, not just for those with weight or metabolic issues, but for all of us.


“It’s practical. People can do this,” he says. “In my long career, this is probably the brightest thing we’ve seen on the horizon.”

The next step is to see if people can maintain these practices long-term without the support that research provides.Hawley and Heilbronn are both in the midst of long-term studies.

“A year later, are people still doing it?” Holly asks. “If so, I think we have strong enough data to start suggesting to nutrition groups that timing of meals is an important part of the guidelines.”

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HIIT and Timed Eating Together: Health Benefits

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