Horror movie M3gan is your nightmare killer robot doll.

Horror movies featuring anthropomorphic killer dolls and as technology advances in the real world, so does slasher movies.

The M3gan is the latest incarnation of a creepy toy that knows to go on a bloody rampage before the end credits roll.

And her dead, murderous eyes are so terrifying that people on the internet are already getting giddy just watching the trailer.

In the film, Allison Williams plays Gemma, who becomes the guardian of her niece Katie (Violet McGraw) after the death of Katie’s parents.

Gemma is a roboticist who has worked on a prototype android designed to be a child’s best friend and protector. Gemma she “assigns” an M3gan (a model 3 generative android) to Katie and programs it to protect Katie from physical and mental harm.

Of course, as we all know, movie robots don’t really understand nuances, and M3gan takes her mission too literally.

The trailer reveals that M3gan’s protective lust is at full throttle, and when deadly, she’s adept with sharp tools. Plus, she’s a little too lithe after unlucky victims like wild animals, whether it’s her unhinged dancing or speeding.

There is an impressive horror pedigree behind this film. Directed by Gerald Johnstone, the film is produced by two of his most famous names in the horror world, James Wan and Jason Blum.

one is behind saw, Insidious When magic trick franchise (and Aquaman When Furious 7) On the other hand, Blum made a number of horror films, including Get out, purge When paranormal activity.

and Williams girlbegan carving out the little scream queen persona after her role in Get out When PerfectMcGraw played young Nell Hill House Tatari.

Horror movies love the killer doll trope. From Chucky to Annabelle, there’s something primitive about inanimate objects gaining sentience. It goes against everything that is right and good. toy story So are the ventriloquist dummies in the fourth movie.

M3gan seems destined to be mentioned in the same sentence as her infamous ancestor.

M3 gun opens in theaters on January 12th.

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Horror movie M3gan is your nightmare killer robot doll.

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