How the Sidney Family Owns 13 Properties in New South Wales, Queensland and Washington

An ordinary Australian family acquired 13 named properties across three different states.

Mahesh Kumar and his wife Yuma, 41, have built over a dozen homes in their portfolio, most of them in the last three years.

The Kumar family, from west Sydney, managed to do so even though their main breadwinner lost one of their jobs during the period and had to sell their car to cover the down payment.

Kumar credited some of his family’s successes for his morning jog, listening to investment podcasts, and starting his real estate journey with just $54,000 in his pocket.

“I just follow YouTube videos, go jogging in the morning and listen to podcasts,” he told

A father of two, the family is now earning over $5,000 a week, which will help them pay off their mortgage, plus some cash flow positive properties.

According to the latest valuations, his 13 properties are worth a combined $4.5 million.

Mr. Kumar started out with the intention of buying a home for his family, but now he’s profiting from an aggressively geared-up property while still paying the rent.

He works in IT while his wife is in the community services industry. Between them, they pooled their cash and purchased his three-bedroom house in Sydney’s western suburb of Liverpool in 2016.

The house cost $546,000 and I suggested a 10% deposit and the lender’s mortgage insurance to cover the rest.

The family lived there for the next three years, but Kumar wanted to expand his horizons and jumped into the real estate game again in 2019.

Since then, he has purchased 12 more properties.

In November 2019, the Kummers purchased a home in Southport, Queensland for $220,000, and the following month purchased another Queensland property in Kalanger, north of Brisbane, for $160,000. .

The Covid-19 pandemic hit a few months later, and like many, the Kumars left the market, but then they had their epiphany moment.

“The moment[to buy]is when everyone is scared,” he explained.

He ended up buying four properties in 2020 in rural New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia, and their market values ​​rose significantly after the boom the following year.

But a year later, the Kumar family hit a roadblock when Mr. Kumar lost his job.

The place where Kumar worked has suffered as the Covid-19 pandemic progresses, and in 2021, Kumar was relieved of the role.

“I lost my job, so there was some gap[financially]for a year,” he said.

Despite this, the couple continued to purchase properties. They eventually added two more houses to her collection.

However, it was stressful for couples who were in need of money.

He ended up having to sell the family car to cover the security deposit on the house.

Fortunately, after six months of unemployment, he found a new job.

Since then, they’ve bought new cars but sold them more than once because they needed quick liquid cash to do real estate deals.

We have purchased four more properties so far this year.

Together, the family owns 13 properties in NSW, Queensland and Western Australia.

They won’t stop investing until they have 25 properties in their portfolio.

Kumar said he also wants to purchase a permanent residence so he and his family can live there permanently so they don’t have to rent.

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How the Sidney Family Owns 13 Properties in New South Wales, Queensland and Washington

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