Increased pressure on Diamonds, Netball Australia and mining giant Gina Rinehart

Gina Reinhart is no stranger to sports, but asking a team of athletes questions before they receive their money is probably a new experience.

Netball Australia in crisis mode despite declaration Resignation of Monday Chair Marina Go A planned transition, the national team Diamond players were under pressure to support a much-needed sponsorship partnership with mining giant Hancock Prospecting.

The company logo, of which Mr Reinhart has been chairman for the past 30 years, can be found on the websites of many Australian sporting bodies, from the Australian Olympic Committee to Volleyball Australia, Rowing Australia and at one point Netball Australia. I can do it.

Reinhart’s $15 million lifeline over the next four years (a sport with about $7 million in debt) is the first nations team’s objection to the Diamond team wearing uniforms with the Hancock logo. It is in the retention pattern as it supports member Donnell Wallum. Moreover.

It’s not hard to see why she didn’t like it.

Worrum’s parents were young adults in 1984 when Lang Hancock, founder of Hancock Prospecting and Gina’s father, proposed a plan to exterminate a pesky indigenous people.

Lang Hancock said, “People who are assimilated into society, living a good life, earning wages in a civilized area, who are accepted by society, who can accept society, who can handle society, I will leave them alone.” I will keep it,’ he said.

“People who aren’t good to themselves and can’t accept things, the half-caste – and this is where most of the problems occur – I dope the water so that they become sterile and reproduce in the future. And that will solve the problem.”

Gina Rinehart’s company Hancock Prospecting already sponsors several sports organizations. (By: Hancock Prospecting)

Reinhart, who never distanced himself from those comments, is now in a position to do so, aligning his values ​​with the team he sponsored.

Volleyball Australia Chairman Craig Carracher, who enjoys a long-standing professional relationship with Gina Reinhart, has taken an unusual step. publish a statement on his sports website Critical of Diamond’s stance.

In it, he said Mr Reinhart deserves admiration and that the comments from “athletes in leadership positions” have caused concern for all Australian sports enthusiasts.

“Hancock Prospecting has worked closely with Volleyball Australia and its players for almost ten years.

“From humble times to medals at the Olympics, Commonwealth Games and World Championships, Mrs Reinhart has been dedicated to the welfare of athletes and the integrity of our sport, Australia’s most gender-equal Olympic team sport. I got

“Recent media comments stemming from statements made by athletes in leadership positions in other sports have caused frustration and concern among all Australian sports enthusiasts, especially within our sport.

“Mrs Reinhart’s selfless dedication to women’s sport deserves the credit of our great sporting nation.

“It’s amazing that players and commentators would publicly criticize the business interests of someone who really wanted to help the sport through its challenges and stepped forward.”

“Sister Culture”

Kathryn Harvey Williams, former Diamond captain and current CEO of the Netball Players Association, believes Hancock Prospecting should be proud to be associated with Diamond and its stance.

“What is Hancock? [Prospecting] What we’ve seen here is that they’re investing in the sport and that’s why they have real values ​​and they should be proud of that,” she said.

Netball Australia’s unique values ​​have been called into question in the past for not being inclusive.

Despite the sport’s 95-year history, Wallum is the third First Nations player to be named to a Diamond team, and the only Indigenous player in nearly a quarter century.

Diamonds Beat New Zealand and Celebrate
Former players say the team has important values. (Getty Images: Mark Colby)

A Black Diamond report commissioned by Netball WA and Shooting Stars found serious systemic problems hampering Indigenous netballers.

After his success with the Firebirds in the Super Netball competition, Walham’s selection in the Diamond team was seen as a breakthrough.

“Much of it is organized and unconscious, replicating these systems that disempower Aboriginal people,” said author Dr. Rose Witau in a report released in April. I am doing,” he said.

Worham is expected to make his debut in the next series against England, which will be played after the current Constellation Cup against New Zealand, where Australia drew 2–0.

“Diamonds have a sister culture,” said Harvey Williams.

“Values ​​are very important to them and I want to make it clear here that they don’t want this deal. [with Hancock] fall down

“They were simply looking for a compromise to allow Donnell Wallum to run those three games without the logo.And we are Hancock, Netball Australia and the First Nations Advisory Board. Etc. We have committed to sit down and work with all parties involved.This sensitive issue needs to be resolved in order to arrive at a result that satisfies all parties.

“The players certainly aren’t turning their backs on $15 million as reported.

“First and foremost, we have to be really proud of Donnell and the position she holds. She is very connected with people and has strong values.

Increased pressure on Diamonds, Netball Australia and mining giant Gina Rinehart

Source link Increased pressure on Diamonds, Netball Australia and mining giant Gina Rinehart

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