Inside Qld’s most talked about house: ‘The Cliffhanger’

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The property on Fletcher Street in Toowoomba is called Cliffhanger. Designed by Joe Adsett Architects and built by Valdal. Image: Cameron Murchison.

It’s fast becoming Queensland’s most talked-about house — a gravity-defying concrete monolith perched on a cliff in the rural town of Toowoomba.

After a long and difficult construction process costing about $5 million, the recently completed engineering masterpiece “The Cliffhanger” is one of the state’s most impressive homes and grand buildings.

The Cliffhanger pool area by Valdal Projects.

It was built by Valdal Projects for local Mark Johnstone, Toowoomba’s Subway franchise owner.

Emily Valdal, manager of Valdal Projects, said, “It was a very challenging site because the slopes of the blocks are so steep.”

A view from the living room of this stunning property at 1 Fletcher Street, Toowoomba. Image: Cameron Murchison.

“Mark explained to us that every component had to be finished to a near-perfect standard, so all the boys put in a lot of effort. I believe,” she said.

The property at 1 Fletcher Street perches above the Toowoomba Connection Road in the Redwoods and sits high along the Toowoomba Mountains.

Subway franchisee Mark Johnstone.

Stuart Vardal (left) for the Vardal Project with Mark Johnstone at the Downs and Western Housing and Construction Awards 2022. Photo: Kevin Farmer.

It was recently named House of the Year at the 2022 Darling Downs and South West Master Builders Awards. Or early morning dew.

The kitchen in Toowoomba’s ‘Cliffhanger’.

“We had to create and build a structural sub-floor just to support the cantarever, and build a horizontal crane pad just for crane access to the site.”

‘The Cliffhanger’ was the idea of ​​Brisbane architect Joe Adsett.

It has some unique features. The most obvious of which is a 30-meter continuous window and door with no structural blocking elements running the length of the building, with uninterrupted views of the Lockyer Valley.

The view from one of the bedrooms. Image: Cameron Murchison.

This home is designed to withstand the harshest of climates with a 7-bay garage, infinity pool and outdoor fireplace.

A key feature, however, is the 7m concrete counter level, which at first glance seems to float on the cliff without any support.

“Cliffhanger” designed by Joe Adset. Image courtesy.

Inside Qld’s most talked about house: ‘The Cliffhanger’

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