Japan Meteorological Agency wants everyone to stop using names

he meteorological bureau has sent a request to all media organizations to stop calling it “BoM”, but faces some challenges to make its own changes. Social media channel.

The agency sent out a press release Tuesday at 10am, calling on the media to change its style guide to “support” the body.

“While the number of seriously ill patients continues to rise, weather It is more important than ever that events, weather station insights, wisdom, data and information are shared, understood and acted upon.
The Bureau of Meteorology is looking to rebrand it from ‘BoM’, but its own app still uses the name.. (BoM)

“To support this need, the Bureau of Meteorology has requested that news outlets update their editorial style to ensure that references to the organization are not BOM or the Bureau of Meteorology, but rather its full name, Bureau of Meteorology or Bureau for short. I ask you to

“This is consistent with the 1955 Meteorological Act.”

BoM also said it will switch Twitter handles to reflect the changes.

“To support this change, we are updating our main Twitter handle to @TheBureau_Au. It will be updated to TheBureau_WA.”

A kangaroo covered in mud found in a flooded area near Lake Kiara.

‘Mud-covered’ kangaroo found in flooded area

However, the press release was sent out before the Bureau changed its Twitter profile, so some users decided to pounce on the handle.

At the time of writing, all accounts except SA and NT are in use, some by existing accounts that have had usernames changed, and some by new profiles that have acquired unprotected handles yet.

Accounts with TheBureau_Au's Twitter handle have been suspended
TheBureau_Au Twitter handle has been suspended. (twitter)

A Melbourne-based writer business that claimed the Bureau_Au handle had its account suspended.

The station’s own weather app is still branded as “BOM Weather,” and the organization’s website remains intact.

Japan Meteorological Agency wants everyone to stop using names

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