Kangaroos beat Fiji with eight tries in Rugby League World Cup | Sport

Australia overcame early fears of running away in the first match of the Rugby League World Cup. Leeds.

1078 days after the last test, Kangaroo had an early shock. From the first set in Fiji, guys in white touched him down. City his Moseidreke stunning curling his grabber curve back and in the left corner semi he met Valemay. It was a reassuring start for Fiji’s Batty, who must have cheered up coach Joe Ravelle, who was taken to hospital due to illness before kick-off.

The Sucker Punch start left Australia out of form. Fiji made the most of his minute in attack, but Australia failed to convert after having the ball in his 14 minutes. But after a strong charge from Jake Torbojević, Cameron Murray and Daly Cherry-Evans coalesced and set the pace and sank to the line. In the 15th minute, Jeremiah Nanai made a come-from-behind chance by cutting inside and putting it under the post.

Australia sealed the deal with another attack on Nanai with a 1-1 steal from Munster, but this time they were short of big men. Fiji made a big meter in the return set, setting up a second 5-pointer until Kangaroo captain James Tedesco diffused a final tackle bomb and Hunt shoveled a nondescript pass off the ruck. was doing.

But the man it found is nothing fancy. Ruthlessly shunned by New South Wales coach Brad Fittler in ‘State of Origin’, Josh Ad-Carr, highly regarded on Mal Meninga’s national team, shows why . Fox donned afterburners to escape rush hour, moving from coast to coast, cutting through Fiji’s back three with speed and cunning, and clearing the Kangaroos 10-4.

Nearing the 30 minute mark, Fiji’s big defender was exhausted and Meninga brought in Ruben Cotter to take advantage. But it was Fiji that found the wind. Api Koroisau’s stabbing kick on the line was too fast for the chaser. Australia rang downfield and they tried again after Munster fumbled with Hunt’s bombs. This time Angus Crichton got on Munster’s left shoulder with pace and reached his hand for the first try on the green and gold.

Before the break, Kangaroo center Latrell Mitchell appeared to have scored the final try, but Crichton was harshly ruled for knocking the ball in play. The half-time score remained him 18-4. Leeds’ slick track loosened the paint on the field, leaving players walking away whitewashed.

Crichton definitely made a mistake right after half-time and a sloppy play-the-ball gave Fiji what it needed. This is your chance to score first. They botched that first chance, but Australia made the most of their chance, with Addo-Carr taking the slightest space on the left and offloading to Munster.

Cleared on the scoreboard, Australia played several trick shots. Most of them flopped, but it was fun to watch. It took Harry Grant to reclaim the Kangaroo class. In the 52nd minute, a small pivot set up in a corner down the line with a stunning 40-20, icing on what he started and scooting straight from the next set.

The clashes between the two teams were intense all night, but Cotter mistimed his run from the restart and the ensuing head clash with Tui Kamikamika headed for the hut looking at the stars. Fiji were left unwound shortly afterwards when Grant’s kick smashed through a tired defense and gift-wrapped Add his car his second try. Valentine his Holmes didn’t miss all night, dodging his post inside to make him 42-4.

Fiji scored a second-half consolation try, a neat grabber and a patient touchdown from Truba to go 42-8. But the roller coaster-like game, ripped by errors but bejeweled with sensational tries, eventually followed its natural course and Australia issued the warning with a dominant play. Not that the St. James Park PA picked it up and the system blew one set to the Kaiser Chiefs’ curtain-raising set.

Fiji showed the skill and grit to beat England’s 50-0 loss in the warm-up, showing that they can excel in the coming games. Australia will be happy with the tough hitouts they have stripped off the rust, juggled their combinations and rolled into their title defense. Shifts Evans to Hooker, further turbocharging Kangaroo’s potency.

Kangaroos beat Fiji with eight tries in Rugby League World Cup | Sport

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