Ketamine variant circulating on Australian streets found in pill test

Scientists have detected something mysterious and latent A Dangerous Variant of Ketamine Some users have reported having a “very different” impact than expected.

Professor Malcolm McLeod of the Australian National University giving advice Australia’s first tablet inspection service CanTest in Canberra said it was “virtually certain” that the new drug was manufactured abroad, imported illegally and sold as ketamine in illegal markets.

It is unclear whether the new drug was manufactured on purpose or if it is a ketamine failure.

Professor McLeod said it was unclear to what extent the new drug, called CanKet, was sold in other Australian cities due to a lack of tablet testing services outside of Canberra.

Much of the ketamine illegally sold in Australia finds its way onto the black market from legal veterinary and medical supplies.

The discovery of new subspecies may suggest that drug suppliers are manufacturing and importing new drugs specifically to supply the recreational drug market, rather than relying on veterinary or medical sources. there is.

Associate Professor David Caldicott, a longtime advocate of harm minimization and emergency department consultant, said it was “dismaying” to see a drug on the market when users and doctors knew little about its effects. I will,” he said.

“It’s a mistake to assume it’s ‘safe’ because it appears to be related to ketamine,” he said.

“It’s fair to say that we have a very good understanding of ketamine as a drug, but we literally have no other data on the acute or chronic effects of this close relative.”

Scientists at the pill testing facility test drugs for purity and potentially dangerous contaminants.

Results from the Testing Center will allow scientists to closely monitor potentially dangerous drugs circulating in and around Canberra, giving scientists a much clearer snapshot of the recreational drug market than law enforcement. can give.

Professor Caldicott said the politically controversial pill testing facility could save lives by warning people about particularly dangerous or previously unknown illegal drugs on sale. said that there is

“This will allow us to identify drugs that have never been seen before, as well as common drugs, and provide clear guidance to those who use our services regarding the possible health and other effects of these drugs. We can,” says Professor Caldicott.

“This could be life-saving.

“This time, the testing service has identified a product that has never been seen before in Australia.

or most other regions of the world, for which there is no relevant clinical information

anywhere. “

Ketamine is a powerful sedative and has legitimate uses as a veterinary tranquilizer and medical anesthetic.

Recreational use can result in an “out-of-body experience,” which can have side effects such as nightmares, hallucinations, high blood pressure, and confusion.

first published as ‘Mysterious’ new ketamine variant on Australian streets

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Ketamine variant circulating on Australian streets found in pill test

Source link Ketamine variant circulating on Australian streets found in pill test

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