King Charles: Mike Tyndale’s nightmare signing up for I’m a Celebrity

Let’s be clear, royalty and TV don’t mix. Like oil and water, or cheap gin and a freshman in college, the combination of the Windsor mansion and the small screen has spelled disaster for decades.

There are a lot of terrifyingly perfect examples here.

what shall we choose? Has footage emerged of the Queen Mother, Princess Elizabeth, and the man who would become Edward VIII giving the Nazi salute? During Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer’s 1981 engagement interview, when he infamously quipped “What does love mean,” or ten years later, his wife confessed to adultery on camera. When did

(You mean the 1987s? It’s a royal knockout or me? It turned out later that Andrew He tried to push Meatloaf into the moat, but the singer grabbed the prince and yelled, “I won’t tell you who you are.”

Don’t forget that time in 2019 harry When Meganthe Duke and Duchess of Sussex use a documentary about their tour to South Africa to reveal late-night TV antics that defy the dignity of the duke with James Corden in 2021 (duke uses his bathroom to strangers). including asking if they can), or that the duo followed suit with their own H-bombs oprah sits down.

Then there’s the royal TV outing to beat them all – Prince Andrew’s Cataclysmic Newsnight Appearance.

But Mike Tindall, husband of Princess Anne’s daughter Zara, said in the news this week that all of these Nazi curious, sweat-less, infidelity-challenged misadventures are telling the younger generation of the royal family to be single. It seems that I did not teach about It is reportedly set to appear in the UK version of I’m a celebrity, get me out of here.

Here’s someone who’s about to show up on the balcony of Buckingham Palace and compete with the washed up four nights a week. x factor (Last year’s rising star Mo Farah was reportedly paid over $500,000 to participate.)

What could go wrong…

Tyndale must be careful not to break any rules here or tamper with any kind of solid royal protocol. rice field. Sometimes my spouse has to fight scorpions during primetime to pay for a new kitchen, but it’s because I might be able to enjoy a relatively normal life (I’m guessing).

but what i am famous The news that really focused this week is the awkward situation facing the lesser members of the royal family when it comes to money. king charlesoften their most sellable quality is their proximity to the throne.

For current sovereigns and future royals, money concerns are generally only abstract. Their combined annual profit is $84 million, so they have to fill in laybys, job applications, and so on. Born in Lancaster and Cornwall.

But just lowering the inheritance order a bit makes things much worse.

for example, Queen Elizabeth’s children when she was in charge. Charles could play for tens of millions of dollars thanks to the Duchy (lucky Camilla!), but his three siblings all owed him $513,000, which he received annually from his mother ( I was living on a relatively meager allowance (tax exempt). (Sovereign grants only cover public expenses such as travel and administrative staff.)

It doesn’t matter to you or me, but for members of the royal family who are accustomed to living in luxury, that money isn’t very useful.

Take everyone’s least favorite Pizza Express lover, Andrew. The reason he decided to rush to New York to spend a few days with his friend Jeffrey Epstein in 2011 was reportedly because he was trying to borrow $200,000 from a financier to save Fergie from bankruptcy. (The Duchess was actually more than $11 million in the red.)

As a friend of the Duke later said vanity fair: “Families around us are severely underfunded and have limited options on how to make money. takes up most of the time.

“The fundamental problem is that you can’t let the monarch’s children go out for money…you’re always looking for money.”

That “constant quest” continues to the next generation. With the exception of Princes William and Harry, who have been bred for ribbon-cutting and suburban rec center openings their entire lives, the rest of them (Peter Phillips, Zara Tindall, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie, Louise Windsor) Mrs. and James, Viscount Severn) have it all. They grew up knowing they were faced with the word ‘j’ – work.

But a job at an art gallery or marketing firm isn’t enough to keep the Windsor henchmen in decent rosés and Chelsea townhouses, leaving them with no choice but to trade for royal status.

And for Queen Elizabeth and now King Charles, this has always been and will continue to be a PR nightmare.

In January 2020, Anne’s eldest son, Peter Phillips, was rightly pasted into the British press for appearing in an advertisement for China’s state-run milk company. (Lady Kitty Spencer, the niece of the late Princess of Wales, also traded being adjacent to the palace by flogging another Chinese milk brand.)

Or there are Tindalls who aren’t averse to putting their name on a variety of products, from CBD oil to Land Rover to Covid’s “passport” app. raised safety concerns.daily mail The couple previously reported that they earned around $2 million from their commercial contracts. )

Andrew’s youngest daughter, Princess Eugenie, husband Jack Brookbank and son August Currently working part-time in Portugal Jack is helping develop a luxury 300-unit estate. What exactly does a man whose career high point is running Mayfair nightclub Mahiki and working as brand ambassador for George Clooney’s Casamigos tequila brand have exactly the qualifications for such a plum gig? Huh? Does it have anything to do with the fact that she’s married and is a royal entourage? It’s handy for developers that when someone writes about Eugenie, the Costatera Golf and Ocean Club may be mentioned.

As for Mike, Zara, Peter and Eugenie, they may automatically be selected for Ascott’s Royal Box and may hug the King at Balmoral every summer, but they have a certain lifestyle. In order to keep, they have few options except to trade off their royal ties.

As tuition fees rise over the next few years, it’s hard to see how this situation won’t become more prominent and cause headaches for Charles.

Poor thing. Not only will he have to find a way to handle the chaos of this incident, but Mike’s star turn will only knock Charles out on his next appearance on the BBC series. repair shop From the rating park. Somehow I think we can predict what will be popular with the masses. See an 18th-century bracket clock in Charles’ Dumfries mansion being repaired, or Mike eat a crocodile penis. May reality TV rule us all.

Daniela Elser is an author and royal commentator with over 15 years of experience in leading Australian media titles.

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King Charles: Mike Tyndale’s nightmare signing up for I’m a Celebrity

Source link King Charles: Mike Tyndale’s nightmare signing up for I’m a Celebrity

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