La Trobe continues 15-year partnership with SAS

La Trobe University strengthens its data analytics learning program and continues its ongoing partnership with SAS.

La Trobe and SAS have enjoyed a rich collaborative partnership since 2007, and in 2019 they joined forces to provide graduates with a master’s degree in business analytics with access to industry certifications and is ready.

La Trobe also offers a Master of Business Information Systems. These two programs of his are being developed with industry experts to prepare the data scientists and business analysts of the future.

“Our ongoing partnership with SAS provides an ongoing commitment to our students to gain the knowledge and hands-on experience they need to build challenging careers in the rapidly changing field of data analytics. Trobe University.

“The use of industry-leading tools in these graduate programs ensures that our students are prepared to rapidly tackle the analytical challenges they face in their business endeavors.”

In addition to educating future professionals, data analysis forms a major part of La Trobe University’s research capabilities. The university’s Center for Data Analytics and Cognition (CDAC) is working on several projects, from La Trobe’s Net Zero program, which uses an AI-powered platform to monitor energy consumption, to helping stroke survivors recover and electric vehicle research. We are working on an exciting project. At various times, SAS’ data processing and visualization layers are incorporated into his CDAC work.

Across the Master in Business Analysis and Master in Business Information Systems courses, students use the SAS platform to analyze difficult problems and explore business insights. In addition, the Master’s Degree in Business Analytics graduates with her SAS Certificate in Business, accredited by the Australian Computer Society.

Most importantly, the industry connections and job placement programs offered through SAS deliver tangible career outcomes, and graduates have great confidence in applying the knowledge they gain at La Trobe to their future careers. is to be As the group has grown, La Trobe has worked to strengthen industry ties among its alumni.

After a consulting career, Mahesh Krishnan, who graduated with a Master’s Degree in Business Analytics in 2018, joined Infonyx as a Data Analytics Consultant and was promoted to Associate Manager.

“Studying at La Trobe has allowed me to pursue a career change and update my skills for new areas and new opportunities,” says Krishnan.

“Through these studies, I have access to industry expertise and insights, and experience using real-world tools like SAS analytics software that has provided me with experience that leads directly to my current role.”

“It is important not only to learn the theory behind what is being taught, but also how to use it in real-world scenarios. It will prepare you for the job.”

Over 45 higher education institutions in Australia and New Zealand have integrated SAS modules into their degree programs. These integrated learning opportunities give future data scientists and business analysts the hands-on experience they need to achieve results faster.

Ian Edwards, Head of Academic Outreach for SAS Australia and New Zealand, sees our long-standing relationship with La Trobe University as an example of how industry and higher education can be combined to meet the needs of employers.

“We are very pleased with the momentum generated by our continued collaboration with La Trobe,” says Edwards.

“The demand for data analytics has never been greater in every business and industry. As businesses become more digital, more data is available to business leaders and more intelligence is unlocked through the capabilities of data scientists.”

“Partnerships and fostering strong relationships between the industry and institutions like La Trobe are the best way to address the skills employers need, especially amid a skills shortage in the industry. We look forward to working with La Trobe to support the next generation of data scientists and business analysts for years to come.”

La Trobe continues 15-year partnership with SAS

Source link La Trobe continues 15-year partnership with SAS

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