Liz Truss faces calls to resign as Jeremy Hunt announces economic plan

Liz Truss is clinging to her job as UK Prime Minister tonight after being forced to scrap nearly every package of tax cuts.

A bemused prime minister parachuted into new prime minister Jeremy Hunt on Friday, who issued a statement on Monday explaining that all the measures she had proposed – which caused Britain’s financial carnage – would be immediately scrapped. did.

Mr Truss’ £65bn (A$117bn) unfunded tax cuts have caused the pound to plummet in value, mortgage rates to triple and anger to spread among the public and her own party. rice field.

She was forced to do so today after Hunt announced that she and her predecessor, Kwasi Kwarten, were “withdrawing almost all of the tax measures” announced weeks ago. .

Mr Hunt’s changes have included the withdrawal of tax cut plans for most British workers, an increase in the corporate tax on businesses and billions of pounds spent on struggling households to pay their burgeoning utility bills. This includes curbing deaf policies.

The sudden change could save the UK £32 billion (A$58 billion) and Truss and Hunt hope the move will help restore market confidence.

The humiliating move for Ms. Truss came when her own MP called on her to resign.

With less than two weeks to go before Mr. Hunt’s statement was due, it was announced suddenly at 6:00 am.

The new Prime Minister’s agenda raises the question of whether Mr Truss or Mr Hunt is actually in charge of Britain.

Three of her own politicians have so far called for her resignation, and conspiracy theorists are already lining up candidates to seize the country’s top office, dubbed “Coronation.”

The prime minister will address a core group of Conservative MPs on Monday (AEDT Tuesday morning) and is desperate to win their support, but many believe her writing is already hanging on the wall. I believe there is

Former Minister Crispin Brandt said: “I would be very surprised if someone died in a ditch trying to keep Liz Truss in office.”

Another Conservative MP, Andrew Bridgin, said:

Jamie Wallis, a third MP, added that he told Truss he “no longer holds the trust of the state or Congress.”

Robert Halfon did not explicitly ask Truss to resign, but he did utter some harsh words towards her.

He told Sky News that she and Mr. Kwarteng “seemed like libertarian jihadists and did some kind of hyper-ultra-free market experiment, treating the whole country like a kind of lab rat, but This is not where the country is,” he said.

The Conservatives now trail opposition Labor by nearly 30 points in the polls, and members of the ruling party fear they will be wiped out in the next election.

Under current rules, Mr. Truss will not be allowed to participate in leadership contests for one year.

That has prompted as many as 100 Conservative MPs to call for the party’s rules to be rewritten in order to remove Mr Truss and replace him as prime minister.

To see if Rishi Sunak, who was prime minister under Boris Johnson, and Penny Mordaunt, who ran for prime minister but was narrowly defeated by Sunak and Truss, have enough support to take on the challenge. Rumors are circulating that they are looking for a member of parliament. .

Mr. Snak has remained silent so far, which is understandable given the perception that he stabbed Mr. Johnson in the back with a knife.

But Mr. Mordaunt expressed his support for Mr. Truss in an article in the Daily Telegraph.

“Our country needs stability, not soap operas,” she said.

“But as the prime minister said, the country’s mission is clear. That’s what we should all be focusing on right now. We need pragmatism and teamwork. It takes all of us.”

Secretary of Defense Ben Wallace has also been touted as someone who can navigate ships in difficult waters, but he has chosen not to run in previous leadership contests.

Liz Truss faces calls to resign as Jeremy Hunt announces economic plan

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