‘Looters’ found in flood-hit Melbourne

Today, weather host Tim Davis and his camera crew arrived at the corner of Oakland and Barton streets this morning. There, an “amazing” amount of property was left behind by residents forced to flee the floodwaters.

Davis said he saw three men in face masks and hoodies in the navy-blue Ford territory “running out of the house” as soon as they saw the news crew arriving.

Police are investigating after suspected looters were spotted in Melbourne’s Mullibenon after torrential rains hit. (9 news)

“They knew we were the media and we were here to talk, so they rushed out of here and had cameras to show what was going on.” Davis said.

“But they were clearly plotting something bad and couldn’t get out of here early enough. Early this morning I saw people doing that sort of thing on the streets of Melbourne, and these It sickens me to see that the inhabitants have already gone through so much.

“As I said, we are currently in contact with Victoria Police and are providing as many details as we can about what we have seen here.”

Emergency Minister Murray Watt said it was “un-Australian” action.

“In the last few days, I’ve met people who have lost everything and are really traumatized.

“So the looting on top of that is completely unacceptable and I am sure the police are doing everything they can to crack down on it.”

Victoria Police arrived at the home shortly after being notified and contacted the owner, who was not home at the time.

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‘Looters’ found in flood-hit Melbourne

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