Meghan Markle quit deal or no deal after being objectified on stage and told to ‘suck’

Meghan Markle revealed on the latest episode of her Spotify podcast that she’s quit Deal or No Deal after being objectified on stage.

The Duchess of Sussex said she was told to “suck” by a woman who helped run the US version of her 2006 hit game show. Sun report.

The Duchess said in the latest episode of her Archetypes podcast that the order made her feel “objectified” and “unwise”.

Meghan carried briefcase number 24 when she modeled for the US version of Deal or No Deal in 2006. It was years before she met Prince Harry.

In her latest Spotify episode – titled “The Bimbo” Breaking Out with Paris Hilton, Meghan said:

“By the way, which is unusual when you have two kids under the age of four, I saw an episode of the game show called Deal or No Deal.

“This brought back a lot of memories.

“In 2006, I spent a brief stint as a briefcase girl on the US version of the game show.

“My experience on the show – having a briefcase on stage with 25 other women doing the same thing – was fascinating to me.

“I studied acting in college at Northwestern University, and like so many other women on stage with me, acting was something I pursued.

“Deal or No Deal wasn’t about acting, but as an auditioning actress, I really appreciate the job.

“It could pay my bills. I had an income, I was in a union, I had health insurance. It was great.”

“Still, I was studying international relations at university.

“On the set of Deal or No Deal, I remember being an intern at the U.S. Embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina, riding in a motorcade with the then Secretary of the Treasury, especially I remember being evaluated, for my brain.

“Here. I was being evaluated for the exact opposite.

Meghan continues to “paint a picture” of what working on the show has been like.

She added:

“And there were different stations for applying lashes, applying extensions, and padding bras.

“We were even given vouchers for spray tans every week because we had such a cookie-cutter idea of ​​what we should look like.

“It was all about our beauty, and not necessarily about our brains.

“And looking back on those days, I’ll never forget this one detail because there was this woman who was running the show not long before we went on stage and she was behind the scenes and she still is. because I hear the voice of

“At the time, she couldn’t pronounce my last name correctly. I knew who she was talking to because she said ‘Markel suck.’

“Markell breathes it.

“I ended up quitting the show.

“Like I said, I was grateful for the work, but I wasn’t grateful that it made me feel less smart.

“By the way, I was surrounded by smart women on that stage, but that wasn’t the reason we were there, and I ended up leaving with a hole in my stomach.

“I learned that I was more than just being objectified on stage.”

This article was originally Sun Reprinted with permission

first published as Meghan Markle quit Deal or No Deal after being ‘treated like a slut’ and told to ‘suck’

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Meghan Markle quit deal or no deal after being objectified on stage and told to ‘suck’

Source link Meghan Markle quit deal or no deal after being objectified on stage and told to ‘suck’

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