National plan to end domestic and sexual violence against women and children

An ambitious national plan to end domestic and sexual violence within a generation includes the importance of achieving gender equality and engaging men and boys.

The federal government will unveil the National Plan to End Violence Against Women and Children 2022–2032 on Monday, with survivors, professionals, frontline services, states and territories all contributing to the plan.

In Australia, a woman dies at the hands of a former or current partner every 10 days.

1 in 3 women have experienced physical violence after the age of 15 and 1 in 5 have experienced sexual violence.

The federal government has said the level of violence in Australia is a “national disgrace” and Kate Fitzgibbon, Director of the Monash Center for Gender and Family Violence Prevention, has described gender-based violence as a “national crisis”. did.

“This is leading the world. It sets the ambition to create a system-wide response not only for victim-survivors to survive, but to thrive beyond the experience of violence,” says Fitzgibbon. said Dr.

“The voices of victims and survivors are incorporated into planning.

“It is imperative that the commitment to valuing the expertise of lived experience continues over the life of the plan.”

Plan includes:

  • Promote gender equality and address other forms of discrimination.
  • Change attitudes to stop violence before it starts, through national prevention.
  • effective early intervention;
  • Build your frontline workforce and make support accessible from anywhere.
  • Provide access to customized and culturally safe support.When
  • People-centred services and the need for better coordination.

Actions to implement the plan are outlined in two subsidiary five-year plans.

The federal government also remains committed to the national plan for independent Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

In powerful statements from victim survivors in the 144-page document, they urge people not to be ashamed of what others have done to them.

“It’s time to turn our pain into action,” they said.

“It’s too difficult, I don’t know what to do, it’s too complicated, I can no longer make excuses.

“It is everyone’s responsibility to end the perpetration of violence against women and children, and all victims of gender-based violence.

“Stand with us and don’t look away when we show you our pain.

“From sexist comments and homophobic jokes to the ‘boys will be boys’ excuse, see what’s happening around you every day.”

They also noted that many victim-survivors are re-traumatized by their unsuccessful attempts to engage with systems intended to protect them.

Social Welfare Minister Amanda Richworth said the plan would provide a clear blueprint for the next decade.

“We want to make these changes now so that the next generation of women and children can live in a society free of violence,” she said.

“We need sustained and collective action across society. This includes providing better support and protection to victims and survivors and holding those who choose to use violence accountable. It includes inflicting.”

Women’s Minister Katie Gallagher said achieving gender equality is at the heart of the government’s agenda.

“By fulfilling our commitment to develop a national strategy to achieve gender equality, the Albanian government is addressing the root causes of gender-based violence by taking action to promote gender equality. I am,” she said.

“This strategy reveals how to address structural barriers and inequalities, the main drivers behind gender-based violence.

“Violence in any amount is unacceptable. It is important to be honest about some of the factors that fuel violence against women and children and what we do to address some of the root causes. “

Senator Gallagher pointed out that the government has already modernized Australia’s paid parental leave system and made child care cheaper.

This is the second time such documents have been made public, the previous plan being made public by the Gillard government.

Richworth will formally announce the plans at an event in Melbourne on Monday.

first published as ‘Disgrace’: National plan to end domestic and sexual violence against women and children within a generation

National plan to end domestic and sexual violence against women and children

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