Ned’s Million Dollar Run Ends in Bondi This Week

“He asked me to meet him at some point along the way, but he mostly did it behind some sour worms,” ​​Kylie recalls. The bewildered mother says he is too far away, locks the car doors, closes the windows, and says she can meet him in town.

Later that year, Brockman ran 50 marathons in 50 days on treadmills and parks, raising $100,000 for the Red Cross.

The original goal of the run was to break the 43-day Australian crossing record set in 2005 by German ultramarathon runner Achim Heukemes. Postponed off-time for treatment, he is set to accomplish this feat in his 47 days.

The disappointment of missing the record is offset by the funds raised. Initially he aimed to raise $1 million for the organization, but by Saturday the amount was nearing his $1.2 million.

Mobilise founder Noah Yang, 26, said he was shocked by the amount raised. He connected with his Brockmann when Mobilize shared some of his social posts on his media about raising funds for the Red Cross.


“We had a lot of faith in Ned and knew that if people in Australia saw him, they couldn’t fall in love with him. See, that’s basically what happened, right?” said.

The organization puts volunteers on the streets to talk to homeless people in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra and connect them with other services.

“We provide care packages and support, but really what we value most is connection,” Yang says.

Yang will use the funds to launch direct donation pilots in the communities the organization works with, providing financial grants to people without fixed addresses to pursue employment opportunities or secure housing. would like to provide

Brockman will run from the Southern Highlands to Campbeltown on Sunday before tackling the final leg of the run to Bondi Beach on Monday.

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Ned’s Million Dollar Run Ends in Bondi This Week

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