New rules for business travel

In 2022, we’re all set for online meetings and virtual events, but there’s something to be said for the energy, connection, collaboration, and relationships amplified by physical interactions. So how do you decide which meetings and events are worth traveling to and how can you make the effort and expense of traveling worthwhile?

After many business trips this year, including a flight to Melbourne, Inside a small business 2022 Top 50 Small Business Leaders Events, here are my new rules for business travel in a post-pandemic world.

make it worthwhile

First, can you justify traveling? Now you can do so much virtually that your wallet and the environment will appreciate it. But if there’s a conference you’ve dreamed of attending, or you know the atmosphere of a real-life conference can really help your project move forward, narrow down a few things to make your trip worthwhile.Melbourne I had the opportunity to meet some of my real clients, whom I had previously met only via email and Zoom, when I traveled to . It helped me get more “value for money” from inter-freeway trips.

carry on done right

Reduce the risk of standing in unnecessary queues at airports and stick to your carry-on. Unless you’re going out for a week or more, you should have enough carry-on baggage to reduce the risk of losing your baggage. I recently upgraded to this Carry On Pro case from Australian brand July. I like the removable laptop sleeve (which makes it easy to remove the laptop for security screening) and the removable battery pack, which makes it easy to charge the device. Trying to book an Uber or navigating a strange city with a dead cell phone is no fun. So be prepared.

homely atmosphere

If you’re staying for a few nights, packing a few homely touches can smooth out the rough edges of your trip. I love it (for reference, New York Breakfast from T2). It’s the little things that make your morning routine feel more normal and help you adjust to your new surroundings. A small bottle of essential oil, a cozy cardigan, or your favorite fluffy pair of socks might be yours. With proper planning ahead, being away from work doesn’t have to feel impersonal and barren.

find a colleague

When you’re on the move, sometimes deep work in a cafe just doesn’t cut it. Input: coworking space. Most major cities have coworking spaces with options for casual visits or his day pass. For example, Hub Australia has locations in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Canberra, ideal for finding a desk to work from. There is also a café facility, a printing facility, and even a meeting room if you are hosting a client catch-up as part of it. of your trip.

accept new connections

Be open to connecting with new people and expanding your network. If you are at an event, be open to introducing yourself to new people. If you’re using a coworking space, say hello to those around you. In this way, I was lucky to find new clients and collaborators during my business trip. Pack business cards or create a vCard QR code so new contacts can instantly scan important details. Be sure to follow up when you get home.

A well-done business trip can be a huge boost to your business. Keep a journal, sign up for our frequent flyer points program and start booking your New Year’s travel.

New rules for business travel

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